Sonya the killer

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Sonya the killer

At 6-8 years old, Sonya was new at school. Mom and dad were with her in the school yard, but the teacher took her and went to the classroom, Sophia was crying, because their mom and dad were going home.

Then the students were also in the classroom, sitting on a chair, Sonya felt sad and a little scared. The students whisper to them about her, they giggled, then she was just sad, then Sonya met Renat, she fell in love with him, but some girl also falls in love with him.

Renat thinks who will win. Sonya pulling him by the hand, and the girl also pulling him by the hand, who will win, now Sonya is out, she is not win yet. She went a little crazy, this girl was happy.

Later, Sonya and Renat are going somewhere. Sonya talks to him about that girl, Sonya said in sign language "please don't love her, she's terrible, okay?" and gave him a chocolate heart. Then he said “OK”, but he is a bit of a liar who doesn’t love her…

Later they return to class. Sonya just sat on a chair, she even looked at Renat, he was talking to the girl again ... he asked her: “Do you want to kiss?” she said "okay" Sonya heard, she broke down. She knew he was a liar.

Mom took her and went to the bus, Sonya was crying, mom told her what was happening, she told her what Renat had done.

Sonya's heart darkened and became heartless, sick with love. Even in her heart there is no more love.

At an unknown age. When she is going to do her homework but doesn't know math, she doesn't like math. Her mother was very angry. Sonya said: “I don’t know!!” Sometimes her mother does not help her. She goes to scold her and pull her hair hard, Sonya was crying and it hurt.

Her mother sometimes yells at her. Mother was not there, Sonya was lying and crying, holding everything and holding ...

Then she goes crazy, she wants to kill her.

At 12-13. She was depressed and crazy, which she only believes in creepypasta (Slenderman). According to which she was always lonely, because they don’t talk to her, only they talk to girls longer than to Sonya. She was crazy and went crazy at her school. Her friends are a little fake and they are toxic, but sometimes.

(She was alone, she drew on paper and on the phone, which means she is an artist, she draws well.) She draws on her papers about "proxy" and "Slenderman" "creepypasta" (she is in class at school). She was happy and a little crazy, whoever this "girl" was, look at her papers, she said "terrible". Sonia was just furious that what she said was "terrible", Sonia said "if you don't like it, don't watch it!"

Polina was not there now, Sonya went crazy.

When Irina (mother, but she is no longer a mother, because Sonya has a mother, her name is Sonya yellow angel) and Sonya were on the bus, they went to school, but she heard bombs 3 times, she became scared. They are near the school, Irina was talking to the girls about the bomb, they heard that the war had begun. Sonya asked

"Can I go to class?" Irina said: "No." Sonya needs to carry Converse, her shoes were at the lesson. But she can’t because of Irina, she is pretty angry that she will not show emotions towards them. Later in the village, where Sonya constantly talked to Ulya on the phone, and now offends her. Ulya deserved it, wrote to her. She called her "witch, stupid, poop" as if she was a bully. Sonya was very angry. She became darkness ... Sonya no longer wants Ulya, because she forgave her everything, and then offended her even more. So, later Roma added her from the “No Students” telegram group, she said “well, thank you.” Karina throws these videos screaming at her in sign language, even Sonya was furious that Karina said "I'm asking you, are you a lesbian or gay" Sonya was even shocked and pretty angry, she seems to be "Ulya" telling her about her forgeries. Sonya said: "Then I'll leave it, it's not my fault." They agreed with Karina. She left her group, she doesn't like her anymore.

Maria and Irina talked in private:

- “Irochka, good morning, again some kind of showdown, right in the morning, but in the chat in English. There, either Sonya considers something an insult and therefore starts a showdown, but no one arranged a showdown with her in the English chat.

- “Maria Vitalievna, good morning, how are we doing?”

- “I met a math teacher, she says that Sofa was not in any class, she does not do any assignments ... I'm fine, she does everything I ask. She doesn’t swear with children, but she blocked everyone.

- "including Karina)"

- "How is she doing?"

- “She asked what Karina blocked, says that she told her that she did not know if it was true or not, that Sonya was either a lesbian or a lesbian. and believes Ole. It's just a nightmare what they're talking about."

- "I wonder if they understand the meaning of the words?)"

- There is nothing like it.

- “I asked if they even know what it is, they explained it to me, like in a telegram”

- Ira, maybe she will turn to Tatyana Ivanovna?

- "Or to our psychologist"

- "Tatiana Ivanovna is a good specialist"

- “Because I don’t really like her emotional state, but you look for yourself, I judge by passages, you see the picture more fully.”

- “Oh, I’m already here myself, as a psychologist, and the neurologist prescribed a course, today is the 3rd day, as we drink, there is a sedative. She simply, takes everything to heart, you only need to be good and calm with her, otherwise she gets angry and does not want to talk. For Karina, I say that she is a good, smart girl, why at least she was blocked, and she is because she threw me a video and yelled at me that she did not know who I was.

- "We are being observed by a neuropathologist Chumak, she has been leading Sonya for a long time, and once she went to the one that comes to the Sun, she called, and she began to have tics."

- “Well, that’s another story, but in our village there are only mobile phones, MTS doesn’t take it at all, even just no one can get through to me, I bought life for everyone, here’s their tower. Husband calls on viber, we do not turn on the video, sometimes we talk, sometimes you hear, then no. Galina Vilenovna once called via viber on the video, we saw each other for about 5 minutes, then she sees Sonya, and our screen is dark, We only heard her.

- “Yesterday, the day before yesterday, it’s impossible to go in, something is not visible, the son is also crazy, but they say something broke there, she went to the village council, there the girl can’t sign people up for help, the Internet is bad, it works at night.”

"We're going home on Wednesday for a couple of days, so on Thursday I'll try to arrange a video with her."

- And on Tuesday I can try.

Sonya took the phone from Irina, she read it.

She got angry because Maria didn't believe

Later in the day.

Sonya found a small cut, took it into the room, cuts her hands, then, bleeding, licks her blood. Her blood was delicious, she didn't feel pain, but her skin did. Her emotions were felt without pain, but biting, she was in pain, her eyes closed and opened.

She won't die, how can she not die? Probably only her heart can die...

Next April 17th. 18:31. She puts on a ponytail, makeup to darken the mascara and eyeliner, but she brushes it off and her closed eyes go black.

And then she takes pictures about Snapchat, the last thing she did was a "small cut" and put in her mouth and Snapchat. Then she drops her pants (she even has a long black shirt) Her leg is on the chair, she cut her leg and then the last leg, it hurts like hell. But she did not feel pain, she was calm.

Later at night

She was crying because her mother (the yellow angel Sonya) died because the black one killed her.

So she said

"Why did you kill my mother, she is not rude to you. I AM NOT YOUR GIRL, I want you to die, I want you to be weak, I want you to be hurt."

"I'll kill you, I don't care that I'm weak."

Her tears were a little cold, she was sad.

So she went to the bathroom.

She looks in the mirror, there is a dirty "proxy" symbol, where she drew this "proxy" symbol, but just as clean. No kidding, it was old.

She looks at her eyes in the mirror, she has a little blush and her eyes are also a little red, this is due to tears.

She washes her hands with water.

Now the water was warm, she felt no pain.

She continued to soak her hands in hot water. Now it was when her fingers moved that it hurt

She said


She went into the room and sat on the bed. Without light She was sad, she missed Sonya yellow angel.

Because she died

The next morning, she was going outside around 7:00-8:00 pm when she saw a cat boy trying to rape her cat.

So she took a stone and threw it at him.

She was mean and a little crazy.

She kept taking this stone, she threw it at him from time to time, so now he is afraid of her, he thinks she is a monster.

Sonya stroked her cat, her cat named Maruka.

She looked at the catboy again, he continued to look at her.

So she took her cat and left her, she locked her up.

Now she looked at the cat boy.

Even the cat boy looks so crazy.

It's morning again, she makes a gacha club and posts videos on TikTok... but Irina makes fun of her, smiles.

Sonya was offended and uncomfortable, she said "Enough!" she screams at her. Irina just continued to laugh and smile.

Sonya went to Irina's mother (she is a grandmother) (in the kitchen) She said "help" and Irina's mother helped her from Irina, but now she doesn't seem to care.

Sonya was absent, but Irina tried to drag her away, Sonya missed and went out into the street.

She felt ashamed and offended, she goes to Nikita's room.

She sat on the bed and watched TikTok.

Nikita was playing a game on his phone, but then he slapped her ass and left.

She was embarrassed, she knew that he was a pervert, probably loved her. Sonya yelled at him, but he left.

At night, she took a notebook "old drawings" there "sadness and depression, creepypasta", but she was shocked that there was zalgo and zalgoisnt, she pulled out her pieces of paper "zalgo" and "zalgoisnt", went outside It's quite dark there, she burns those papers.

But she forgot one piece of paper, "the last one to be signed." She felt that someone was watching her, she no longer understood.

Morning, Irina screams at Sonya for no reason, Sonya screams at her back.

She tries to steal the headphones, but Sonya just as quickly drags her by the arm. She was very angry, she did not love her. She knew that Irina was a cruel mother. Even Irina's brother and Irina's mother are NOT IMPORTANT.

Irina gave her pills, she left. Sonya went completely crazy.

She hit her fist against the wall and hurt herself. She fell but missed, she cried on the bed.

She doesn't even want to live in this house.

And Irina returned, she will tell her what's the matter, Sonya does not answer, hates her because they mock her.

Irina is still talking to her, Sonya took her phone and headphones. She went outside. She was sitting on the grass, she was cold.

The sky was beautiful. Maruka was with her, she hugged her, then Sonya stroked her.

I wonder what happened when she was 16 years old, like Slenderman will take her if she is 16 years old...

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