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note this is my first creepypasta

im 22 years old and my uncal had just past away and i inherited his old nes with a couple of games when i opened the box with the nes and all game i was really excited so i got the nes out and was looking throw all the game when i came acrossed a nes cartridge with the words soulbound written in dark red ink i waS really interested to see what it was so i looked up the game online and i could only find one video and a couple of pictures of what i say of the game looked pretty cool so i hooked up the nes and put the game in and it booted up perfectly when the main meun poped up it gave me three options start, load, and settings so i pick start and the game starts to load but it stops half way throw the loading screen a i thought that i saw a picture of someones face but i schruged it off thinking it was the consle glitching or something like that so when the game finally loaded up the game didn`t look like it did in the pictures or the vidoe it had a darker like some sort of torture room but in the video you start in a castle i thought to myself maby its a hacked rom

witch at the time was cool to me so i moved on but it keep on getting worse and worse the enemys that i would face were all mangled like that had been beaten by someone. during one of the fights a text box came up and said i have to win i have to do this for my master so i quickly turn off my consel and put the soulbound game somewhere i would forget about it weeks later im walking home from university and my mother calls me telling me to get home as fast as i could when i got there i ran up staris because i could hear my mother crying and ran in to my older brothers room and to my surprise he was in the corner rocking back and froth with vary fait Bruises all over him and i could hear him saying under his breath i must win then befor i knew it he charged at me like the enemys in the game did i quickly knocked him down but he got back up and came at me again so i jumped out of the way and he stubled to the ground and my mother screamed out STOP and my older brother got to his feet and ran out the door i tryed to run after him but by the time i got down the stairs he had already gotten out the door i tryed to find him but i had not luck so i ran back home and up to his room and i saw that the nes was hooked up to the tv and i look to see what game was in and it was

soulbound so i turned on the tv to see what he had seen or what happen but when i turned on the tv it was black with the words "do you see the pain that you have caused" so i decided to play the game to see what my older brother saw so i get to the part that i had left off on and with everything that i saw i was so tempted to turn it off but i thought of my older brorther and i pushed on but what i say still hunts me to this vary day when i got to what seemed to be the boss/masters room and i saw piles of what looked like tourn up dead bodys and then the boss was just standing there after awheil of just terrafied confusion i see someone standing next to the boss and to the my surprise the game reacted with the person looking right at me when i looked at look like my older brother and i heared a faint soundlike a wisper it sounded like it said why were you better all i could do is shout it cant be i took the game out of the consle ran out side and throw it on the ground and smashed it. its been year later and we still haven`t seen or hearded anything about my older brother. my mother crys here self to sleep most nights and sometimes i think that i see my older brother outside of my window saying why were you better why did you take them

how was it

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