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So I was on Youtube and I saw a video called South Park Full Episode. I thought I would watch it despite that it was probably just spam/advertising. Surprisingly it wasn't as I heard the theme tune and I watched the episode. So the episode began with Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Kyle waiting for the bus, Cartman was really angry at Kyle calling him a "Dirty Jew", I laughed because this is how South Park Episodes usually are. Then, Cartman pulled out a knife and aimed it at Kyle but Luckily, Kyle ducked and Cartman hit Kenny instead. I laughed because Kenny always dies in the show. I was expecting for Stan and Kyle to go "Oh my God! He killed Kenny! You Bastard!" which is what they always do when Kenny dies but instead they just ran off, leaving Cartman in a rage. Cartman went home and his Mother was there. "Hello Dear" she said but Cartman didn't want to talk so he replied "Shut the Fuck up you stupid cow!" Then he want to the cupboard to get his Cheesy Poofs but his Cat went to him so he kicked him over. Then he tried to open his Cheesy Poofs but it was too hard so he got a knife but then his cat came up to him again so he got a knife and stabbed him. I was shocked but then I remembered South Park do this all the time so I kept watching. Then Cartman's Mother came in and she shouted at Cartman for getting Cat's blood all over the floor so he stabbed her too. Then he opened his Cheesy Poofs but the knife was too blunt so in his frustration he popped the bag and the Poofs went everywhere so he bent down to pick them up but he was holding the knife in his hand and he tripped over the bodies and the knife went flying into his brain so he died. Then, It cut to an episode of Family Guy. It was the one where Brian died and the camera just zoomed in on his dead body and then it cut back to the South Park sign and it looked grey/gray. And then, It cut to Mister Mackey the school counselor and he was shouting at Stan and Kyle saying that they were expelled but oddly enough, in his entire speech, he never said his trademark "M'kay" and then Stan stood up from the chair and said a prayer to Jesus and Jesus came flying through the window with an AK-47 and shot Mister Mackey dead but then Kyle, who was Jewish, asked Stan why Jesus was here and then Stan called Kyle a dumbass which was very out of character for him because that's usually something that Cartman would do and then Stan got out a sword and chopped Jesus and Kyle's heads off and then commited ritual seppuku. And then it zoomed in on the dead bodies of Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Cartman's Cat, Cartman's Mother, Mister Mackey, Jesus and Brian from Family Guy and then was a video of Trey Parker and Matt Stone killing themselves and the caption after was "your next" and I checked the Youtube Comments but all of the Youtubers said it was fake and when I checked back the next day, the video was gone! YOUR NEXT!

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