Space Unicorns

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Once upon a time there was a bird. He did not obey rules. The bird would always break the rules, but nobody could say anything about it because the bird could beat them all up. Also, the bird would sing "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart all day. One day a new animal came to town. He did not know about the bird's rebellious attitude and he decided to talk to the bird. The bird kept making fun of the new animal though, so the new animal was sad. But, it turned out that there were actually space unicorns who do not like it when animals misbehave. Also, the space unicorns hate Rod Stewart's music. So the space unicorns came to Earth and they zapped the bird.

MORAL: Space unicorns will zap you if you misbehave or sing "Forever Young," "Maggie May," or any other Rod Stewart song.

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