Spadurman 2: Creepypasta Crossover Ahoy!

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.


Spadurman #Vol 2. PG 1: The incident


Spadurman was always a trouble maker, but while he was at the gym, a portal opened, and he was sucked in it. He was mad because his dumbbells were left behind, until he found an opposite of his Trollpasta world: Boring, scary, and dull. He walked around to kill people

But, he realized he can rule this world! By challenging the greatest Creepypastas!

Spadurman #Vol 2. PG 1: Slender vs Steriods

The lights went out, and Slenderman popped up like the skeletons he battled at Spadurman! He realized this was his chance, so he fought him like no tomorrow, but, due to the slendyness of Slenderman, Spadurman picked Slendy up and threw him through 439 Boeing buildings! Slenderman walked up, and flew like a crazy maniac nobody cares about proud person people care about! He said "YOU READY TO DIE!?" But Spadurman said "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!"

So, he Fus Ro Dah'd Slenderman so far, he was sent to the universe, but he quickly came back with Masky and Hoody. Spadurman questioned Slenderman if that was the best he's got, and smashed both the lifeless losers where they belong. Slenderman was so mad, but Spadurman said "Don't you cry little baby, the fight just started." Spadurman did a backflip and landed on Slenderman, where he died getting used as a jump pad. Spadurman would use his corpse as a trampoline, but destroyed him at the 2nd jump with guts, blood, and gore flying everywhere. Spadurman was in time for the hardest!

Spadurman #Vol 2. PG 2: Jeff the Party Pooper

Jeff came from the skies of Creepypasta, and stabbed Spadurman, but caused no effect, AT ALL! Spadurman just hulk smashed him and Jeff had no weapons left. Jeff knew this was it, so he grabbed a gun from out of nowhere, and pointed at his head. Spadurman said WHATEVER, and he got the gun and shot Jeff multiple times, Jeff clugged his own blood, and he got squished to death by Spadurman's huge arms. Spadurman used the knife to skin Jeff, and turn it into meat. He ate it to prepare for the next battle.

But, he would never knew the final battle would be this hard.

Spadurman #Vol 3. PG 3: Zalgo is God

Spadurman looked up, and saw nothing out of the ordinary, so he just continued eating some Squidward Fried Chicken with Happy Appy Cider. Until, Zalgo appeared.

Zalgo told Spadurman if he dares to fight Zalgo, he will make it rain hot acid over Spadurman, but Spadurman accepted. He would swing punch at Zalgo, affecting him only a few. Zalgo would use UBER BLAST to put Spadurman flying through the atmosphere, and fell back like a meoter. But, Spadurman was ready for his first form he would use, which would be only if Spadurman was actually losing. He turned into a non bulk, but REALLY AWESOME Spadurman! He was now UBER SPADURMAN! Uber Spadurman blasted Zalgo with many force, it broke the universe, and cut through Zalgo, with his organs flying through the entire vortex, shattering many landscapes with his cut through organs, until they got blasted and left with Zalgo's blood, being awarded to Spadurman. Who cares if AIDS exist? Logic sucks. Anyways. Uber Spadurman turned back into his muscular, but less powerful self, and vowed to rule the many ulti-universes with two arms, and a new form...

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