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I'm a Normal girl named Sparua, I go to school, talk with my friends, and leave. What more is there to be normal? Well to many people, you can't be super smart, or wear glasses, or stupid shit like that.

Anyway more about me. I have long brown curly hair, yellow eyes, and a perfect hourglass figure.

But somehow wearing glasses and being smart takes all that "sexyness" away.

It didn't help that I couldn't talk to my mom about my problems as both my parents were in California.

All the bullshit I get I take and turn into mistaken love.. Most of the time.

Except from the school angel, Caroline.

But she comes in later.

People have been questioning me over and over ever sense the first missing child at my school.

"What mad experiments do you do on your victims Bag of Spares!?" "Oh look its the Mad Spare parts girl!"

What did I ever do to deserve these? I've even been questioned by the police before when someone cut themselves and blamed me for it. Mind you it was a VERY deep cut.. With a knife I tend to use when dicecting animals for science..

The child killed once was one of my friends too.

Eitherway, I still go to school and the teachers don't think anything of me.

My friends enjoy my presence. so whats so bad?

Well I want to be more like everyone else. I have a boyfriend who happens to be the most famous kid in school. So thats a plus! I also purposely fail some test to look normal. It happens to work quite fine.

Though more and more children are going missing almost every month, but found again in piles of decaying waste.

I've moved to schools with my friends and the same thing keeps happening.

Now I'm at lunch with my friends just talking and gossiping.

"Hey Sparua? you okay?"

My friend Sam asks.

"Huh? O-oh yes I'm 100% perfectly fine!" *SLAM*.

My head hits the table.

"Ooh.. Ouch, girl your gonna give yourself a headache with that kind of slam." says my other friend Rebecca.

"I know but I honestly don't care." I managed to groan out.

"Hey Rebecca and I are going to Alex's party tonight. Your invited but do you actually want to go?" asks Sam.

"Sure I guess.." I groan again.

*SLAM!* I hit my head again.

"Stop!" Rebecca yells.

"Yep, you'll need this time. You can grab a beer and sit with Alex and just lay back. You Know?"

Rebecca was giving a puppy dog face.

"Yeah yeah sure, I'll be there." I sigh clutching my forehead.

"Good" Sam and Rebecca said.

After school I go home to find a dress to wear for the party.

I then get a text from Alex.

"Hey call me when your coming over!"

"Yeah right.. I'll call you." I mumbled.

I did call him.

"Hey Spare! You comin' over? I'm sitting here waiting for you!" Alex shouts in the phone.

"Yeah I'm running late.. Anything you want me to bring with me?"

"Yeah I've been wanting to see the robot thing you've been making for a while!" Alex kinda whispered.

I froze, I didn't even think he would want to see anything "Nerd" like in me.

"Uh… um.. Sure! I c- can bring that over." I had trouble saying these few words.

"Great! Love ya babe!" Alex made a kiss sound, then hung up.

I sat down..

"what.. the actual fuck.. did I just commit to do."

I ran down into my garage to find my robot sitting right where I had last left it.

I turned it on by clapping.

It stood up. It was just about higher then Sparua. It looked like a animal ecktoskeleton missing the suit.

"Good evening Miss Sparua!" It said in its robotic voice.

"Good your working.. Check your ear function please."

Its ears moved up and down.

"Good." I sigh.

Later I finally made it to the party at Alex's house with my robotic creation.

"Hey you made it!" Alex came running out to greet me.

"Yeah I'm here." I groaned.

Alex put his arm around me.

"Hey don't be so down.. If anyone brings this Mad Scientist shit up, I'm kicking them out. Ok?"

I shrugged.

"Either way this robot looks cool!" Alex was scanning it over.

"Robot? I'm not a robot, My name is Susan." it spoke out.

"Hey it says its Susan and its sounds like her too!"

Alex then froze.

"She.. was the first to go, right?" Alex frowned.

"Yeah she was.." I mumbled.

Alex hugged me.

"This is quite cool. I know you miss Susan, and its cool that your trying to bring her back."

Alex finally let go when someone had called him.

"Let's go inside." Alex gestured me in.

The party was fine for the most part.

There was all kinds of food, drinks, and things to do.

I saw Sam and Rebecca on the other side of the room talking with some guy. So I wasn't going to mess with them right now. I stayed close to my robotic creation and by Alex.

Most people stared at it and other ask how long it took to make it.

"Its taken a long time and its still not completed." I said in a proud tone.

I got a huge "Woah!" from everyone which made me happy. I was actually impressing them. For once..

The machine started getting pushed a bit from the crowd and started to complain.

"Ow! that hurts!" It shouted.

I froze. I had not given it a feeling censor. Nor the ability to realize it was even getting pushed around.

I managed to calm it down a drag it to the other side of the room.

There were not that many people there, so it was perfect.

I managed to keep it there and be able to go over to Alex again.

Then it happened.

*SLAM!* "Hello Mad Scientist!"

Caroline had found out I was here and wanted to destroy everything.

"Woah! No! None of this Caroline! GET OUT!" Alex shouted.

"I don't think so." Caroline pushed Alex backwards and fell onto the food table.

Everything crashed down and when people finally got the table off of Alex, he was knocked out.

Caroline sent two of her friends to grab me and hold me still as she walked over to my machine.

"RUN!" I shouted.

*SLAP* "Shut up."

Caroline's goons weren't going to let me save it. Slapping over and over.

Caroline grabbed the machine by the chest area and pulled out the parts.

The machine started screaming like it was in actually pain.

"STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!!" It was shouting.

Caroline kept ripping it apart piece by piece. Eventually she pull the artificial heart I had made for the machine.

She dropped it on the floor where it shattered to pieces.

By now the machine wasn't screaming anymore but now a gurgling noise and static. It fell to its knees, then to the floor.

Caroline's goons threw me on top of the machine and kicked me.

"No more for now." Caroline called out.

Then the machine sparked, and caught the carpet on fire.

Caroline screamed and ran out with her goons.

I tried to get up, and saw that Alex was still on the floor.

"Bastards" I said through gritted teeth.

I pulled Alex out of the burring house.

Then something made me run back inside. I tried to pul my machine out, but the head part broke off with the ear system and flashlight eyes systems still intact.

I ran back out with it in hand as the Fire Department, Police came.

When I told the police about what happened he said "Thanks" and the next I saw Caroline and her goons being pushed into a cop car.

"Fucking Whore" I mumbled.

I went home and went straight to bed.

When I woke up it was my iPhone ringing.

"H-hello?" I said.

"Hi Babe.." It was Alex.

"Hey. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, when I heard you pulled me out of the fire I was extremely happy."

"Well no one else did it first." I joked.

"heh heh. Well What happened to your machine? Did.. It not.. make it out?" I could tell he was concerned.

"No.. It didn't."


"It wasn't going to make it out anyway, Caroline destroyed it which made it spark, causing the fire." I ranted.

"Woah woah. Sorry.. I'm sorry it didn't make it."

I couldn't stay mad at him. He WAS unconscious.

"Thank you. Talk to you later?" I groaned.

"Sure." *Click*

He hung up.

I got up, Washed my face and looked in the mirror. My face was more pinkish then I remember it being.

My hair was slightly burned off, so I had more of a bowl shaped hair style.

"Fucking Sam and Rebecca.." I thought.

Then I had noticed the head piece from my machine sitting on the side of the sink.

I picked it up, and looked at it.

"If I had never agreed to go to that stupid party then this would all never have happened." I shouted.

"ITS ALL THEIR FUALT!" I screamed throwing my iPhone at the wall.


The phone screen was destroyed.

I decided to get to work on my new machine, I had the head and it was not that hard to rebuild.

The phone rang again.

I managed to answer it.

"Hey Girl. Its Rebecca, I know your probably not in the mood but can we talk? Just for a little bit?"


"Come on, please? Sam and I are really sorry for dragging you into-"


I hung up.

I was so mad that I didn't know what to do anymore.

I just wanted to not be criticized anymore.

But none of that was going to ever happen.. Ever happen.

"Don't fuck with the Fox…"

I felt more enraged when I said that.

I didn't know what I was thinking at that time, but I'm glad I did, I raised the head of the machine I once had over my head, and…


I woke up on the floor, blood everywhere, and I had a bad headache.

I felt my forehead and found the blood, I trailed it up to the top of my head.

There on my head was the ears from my machine..

I tried to pull on them but it hurt. Not like you'd think it would, more of a this is part of you, and you can't rip it off hurt.

I ran to the mirror to see what I looked like.

The two ears looked perfect on me except that they were just robot ears on me.

So I ran back down stairs to look for something I could sew into ears. After I found some cloth, I got to work. I had made two brown Fox like ear covering for my new set.

I slid them on and they fit perfectly. Then I saw them moving, on their own. Then I knew They weren't moving on their own, nor were they just decoration now.

My hearing has improved and I can move them on free will. Then my eyes started glowing.

I didn't need my glasses anymore either.

"The flashlight function made it into me too!" I shrieked.

I was so excited that I ran back downstairs into my garage and into the hidden room in there.

There was everything I had to hide in here. Not even my parents knew.

The room was full of bodies, the children that went missing, except they had the same machines inside of the decaying skin as the machine destroyed the night before.

I walked over to the curtain hiding the one thing I treasured most.

I pulled it back.

"Hey Susan, Its been a while.. Remember that skeleton I promised? Well I kind of used it on my self."

I giggled.

"Sorry that now you have to decay without something holding you up.. but thats just how it works."

I started walking back out of my room of bodies.

"I'm sorry Susan, I really am. but this is life."

I shut the door.

I walked out of my house without anything covering my new ears. They were just too great to cover up.

I ran to school hoping to find Alex there, and I did.

"Hey Alex!" I shouted.

"Hey um.. Whats with the ears?" He replied.

"Never mind that now I have to show you something!"

"Okay sure what is it?"

"Its a surprise!" I said cheerfully.


I turned around to see one of the other goons who helped Caroline holding a gun.

"I know your evil! Jesus didn't make you!" cried the girl.

Alex shielded me.

Someone called for help, but by the time a teacher came out, the girl fired the gun.

Alex fell in front of me, blood coming from his head.

Tears started coming down my face.

"YOU FUCKER!" I yelled.

I ran towards the girl and grabbed the gun, pinned her arms back, and shoved the gun into her mouth and pulled the trigger multiple times until the teacher forcefully pulled me away.

The girl twitched a few times, and fell.

Nobody knew what to do. The police came.

I had lost it. I still had the gun in my hand.

I aimed the gun with fast reflexes and pulled the trigger over and over.

I had killed both cops, four kids, and injured the teacher.

I ran over to the cops and grabbed their guns and ran into the woods.

Sam and Rebecca witness the whole thing.

Now here I am, under a bridge for a highway. I have a nice pair of skinny jeans, long sleeved purple sweater, and a black leather jacket, and nice shiny red heels.

I have my pistol which I have modified for easier kills.

This is insanity I know. But I love it so much.. To have dolls who can live forever. like me.

Just imaging a work of art with machines for skeletons instead.

I'm not sure wether I'm possessing my body because I died or I'm actually still alive.

But I'm breathing and not dying so I must be okay.

And if you want a catchphrase or some stupid shit like that.

"Don't fuck with the Fox"

Enough Said..

Credited to Geshtro

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