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9 April 2021

  • 13:5613:56, 9 April 2021 diff hist +2,251 N CykoCreated page with "Hi my names DJ and I'm a pasta not a very popular one because no one might not read this but my pasta name is cyko its pronounsed phyco but its spelled cyko but I'm not here t..."
  • 13:3613:36, 9 April 2021 diff hist +1,391 N CoronaCreated page with "Kyle Cull was a neglected child. His mother was a stripper and his father was a very corrupt lawyer. His older brother was spoiled by Kyle's parents and also treated Kyle badl..."
  • 03:3603:36, 9 April 2021 diff hist +10,362 N BluCreated page with "Blu was a normal girl. She loved to got to school and see her friends Cara and Angel. That was until she came home on here Birthday. <br /> Today was May 11 and Blu was excite..."
  • 03:1603:16, 9 April 2021 diff hist +3,450 N BLACKYCreated page with "This Is The Story Of A Young Boy Called Blacky. He wasn't actually called Blacky in the first place his name was Joseph Joseph wasn't any ordinary boy this boy was unique he..."

8 April 2021

7 April 2021

6 April 2021

  • 23:5323:53, 6 April 2021 diff hist +1,652 N I made red mistCreated page with "you might know about red mist a lost sponge bob episode that many claims is fake but red mist is far from fake here is my story i work at nickelodeon in the back in the 1990s..."