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in 2005 warner bros studios was getting back to old cartoons like tom and jerry and Bugs bunny but in 2008 warner bros studio unreleased a episode that banned and scare the children out their holes it was so messed up that warner bros studio in 2008 a website was called banned wb (warner bros) found a episode that was made in 2009.

it was banned in 2014 by hanna barbera they banned the episode for bad violence gore and some bad images they found but in 2010 a video was founded by the wb studio but it was takken down in 2012 for a unkown reason and that video was released to the public but some of the users got sick some the users were dead and some of them got very bad violence.

those dead viewers passed away in 2009 the same date 2/26/2009 those viewrs got in heven i know about them in 2011 in one day i went to the vhs store to bye some tapes but 1 thing i found was a bootleg tape acroos a very bad tape that got destroyed it was called splatter sd it a green marker then i picked up the vhs tape then told the custermer said 5 dollors and i put 5 dollors in the basked.

then hours later i got home and the vhs tape i put the vhs tn then the vhs tape was just static for 4 seconds then a black and write text apperead saying Client brief 2008 splatter. art direction by james Cauty initial Animations by by robin reeder then it fades to black for 1 munite then a old mgm apperead at the screen then bugs bunny appeared in the screen in the episode then it prsent a episode called merrie melodies ten episode started with bad hororble carttons i just saw they were scary.

the episode started with road runner running very fast and normal then 9 seconds then wile E. Coyote got the trick road runner was bleeding and smashed by something that i cant discribed then the text was saying ACME 23 TONS then it faded to another cartoon was scary it was Tom with a hammer then he smashed it to jerry then jerry bleed realistic then smashed to jerry for 4 times then it faded to Bugs bunny with a gun and killed daffy duck then the same cartoon was same when tom killed jerry it was tom

with a knife and jerry on his head then jerry was bleeding so realistic then the same was well it was daffy duck with theb gun just like the same as bugs bunny and shoots bugs bunny and bugs bunny was blood on his head and cut off then it faded the cartoon with tom some ink then put a trape with hole saying Home sweethome then jerry ran to the hole 5 times then the 3rd time tom hears jerry hits the hole then tom went to jerry's death he was bleeding then it faded to the next cartoon with Sylvester and Tweety looking at the window

then sylvester eat Tweety and blood on his mouth so realistic i vomeiting in the floor so realistic then it cuts to a cartoon was same it was daffy duck with Elmer Fudd saying well i then daffy duck saying not again with daffy duck head came out so! realistic it the episode ended i was scared i was having nightmares about the episode i was never love loony tunes ever again

December 2011

i was happy of Christmas then i wake up then someone was on my door with a vhs saying another episode of splatter sd! i said OH BOY! THIS WILL BE SCARY LIKE THE LAST TIME! then i put the vhs tape then the episode started playing with the warner bros logo

instead of the origanal title it was called splatter WB! what the... i said then a blood of warner bros was shoot with blood i was shocked in my head then i can hear a chainsaw from the episode FOR REAL then the wb faded to black with 4 seconds with a mgm w=insted on the lion it was tom with a hammer on his head and hit the lion so realistic it said A.CAUTY AND SON saying back CM

and the title was still dare splatter WB present and it faded to bugs bunny head REAL SAVED OFF REALISTIC then it faded to static for 1 second then it went to a cartoon as the same happend in june 2011 it was jerry hiding in a tea pot then tom put tvt in the tea pot then jerry was with TNT

he was trying to ascaped then he was free then tom was killed in the tea pot with tnt then elmo fudd killed bugs bunny this time then he was with a gun then it faded to static to tv error with blood i said OMG! why they was thinking i said real then i turn off the tv but the tv coulden't so i turned it back with 1 static with the tv error with bugs bunny in his stoomic i sall it OMG!! then is WORSE! then it went to red circle of red for 4 seconds i thought i will but ITS STILL I WISH I WISH I WANT TO DIE!!! then bugs bunny was shocked and was on his skelention for 7 seconds i tuch i heart then looked so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

then bugs bunny was crying in slow motion i was so scared but couden't DO IT then bugs bunny crying in 27 seconds then it went to the same cartoon it was tom in a bollen abbley and shots the bollen then was was stuck with a scream then 8 seconds tom was shivered with blood then it faded to static for 4 seconds then it went to the same cartoonn as the last one it was get jerry then jerry was dead. then it faded to static for 2 seconds then Porky pig was gitting out of syelvester then porky pig was speking giberish 3 seconds then he say GET OUT! then sylvester point at the dorr then porky pig said YES GET OUT!

then sylvster with a gun then i shoots with a gun in his head then sylester shoots with a gun and killed himself then blood was on Porky pig dress then 1 minute of static then Daffy duck was running some of.. marvin the martian then porky pig with tvt same as tom commiting suicide then marvin the martian said OH THANK YOU! then TNT exploded with martain commiting suicide with blood anywere then the red circle returnded with a big error circle with 7 seconds of big red circle then it went 1 minute of static with Daffy duck saying but no wings of follks then daffy duck got a gun he said i wish he said.

and commiting suicide then it went 1 minute of static then daffy duck was in the circus with a gun a shoot porky pig.then his head got shoot then his hand was wavving then 1 minute of static with back with elmo fudd and bugs bunny singing with a song don't you see next we say next next you're next you're so next how about a elgo shad with 2 goga! next to episode! and shota the next ready to came to nexta and rag and soup if sattern you need a shave.

then bugs bunny cut of elmo fudd head with blood then youre nice and clean and thought you face look like and gore true a machine then it faded to static for 5 seconds with the black and write txt saying 2008 Robin Reeder unicone.co.uk.

then the last vhs tape ended i was scared and shocked and scream i was having nightmares abot the episode todday i called warner bros then warner bros saying we so sorry the thought that episode listin Robin Reede was macking a episode in the unitedc states he was macking a voilent version of episodes of voilince like tom and jerry and loony toons he want revenge for that episode so we make the episode that aired on tv we so sorry in the last day he was in a gun store and shoot a worman in downtown the police cought him for killing a worman

then he was in jail and escaped from jail in october 2010 before the episode got down by hanna babarea we so sorry to see that episode we sorry P.S WE NEVER never make A VOLINCE VERSION we sorry :( i was sad that many people died thanks to the episode. in dayd i will never watch tom and jerry and loony tooons. until then I HOPE YOU ENJOY ABOUT MY VERSION FROM TOM AND JERRY AND LOONY TOONS. THE END.

The Original Videos Is here But You must be 18 to watch:

Written by Trevae E Davis
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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