SpongeBob's Ability to Impregnate

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Author's note: I (flaccomcorangy) am the author of this pasta. Fair warning to any that want to use it. It is not scientifically accurate and although it was never really intended to be, it won't stop people from correcting the inaccuracies. lol.

Technically all sponges are a product asexual reproduction. Does this mean that SpongeBob cannot have sex? Of course not. SpongeBob can still have sex and he quite regularly does partake in sexual intercourse with other creatures of Bikini Bottom and even other Nickelodeon characters that star in the cartoons.

You see, SpongeBob is not a traditional sponge, and although you can plainly see he has no sexual organs in one of the moments he is frequently seen without pants, having sex is not always about that. SpongeBob enjoys oral sex with both sexes, still has hands so he can use them in the act, and of course, he has plenty of holes that can be penetrated by a partner if they so wish.

But I bet you're still wondering how SpongeBob can get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have testicles to produce sperm in a traditional sexual way. Well, I'm glad you asked. When a male sponge is fragmented - or more simply broken - it produces gemmules which spread across the ocean floor and create more sponges. But because SpongeBob is no ordinary sponge and is anthropomorphic, he can cause cross-species insemination. Sometimes spongebob breaks - for lack of a better term - during his sexual acts. And with a woman in close proximity, his gemmules can enter her vagina and impregnate her just like any traditional penis in vagina sexual act. This possibility is magnified since they're underwater and it can carry to her more easily.

But SpongeBob doesn't even need to have sex to impregnate a woman. Remember the episode where he broke his fingers while cracking his knuckles? That's fragmentation, and you guessed it, SpongeBob inadvertently spread his sperm all through the ocean. Now maybe this sperm landed on the sea floor and made another sponge. Or maybe it found its way into the sexual organs of another female sea creature and created yet another one of his hybrid children. It's really quite amazing when you think about it.

Credited to flaccomcorangy 

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