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Oh, howdy i am a big fan of spongebob iveben seence i was a kid i descovored a lost episode i was at home, still scrolling for a stupid DVD until i heard the sound of something being pushed into my letterbox caught a hold of it before my dog did and looked at the package It seemed to be wrapped fairly badly, with what looked like grease marks and stains on it. naturally, as anyone would, I decided to open the package inside was something that I could not explain

It was a spongebob lost episode DVD, i got excited and put it in the DVD playor and watched it i sat on my couch and it played, the intro started but it looked off all the colors were muted and SpongeBob looked depressed, & the show's title cards were all red and black

After the intro the episode starts with Bob and Larry introducing themselves

"hey kids welcome to VeggieTales I'm Bob the Tomato"

"And I'm Larry the cucumber"

"and we're here to answer your questions"

Shrek then exits his house

"why, I getta fend some onions with donkey"

Then shrek leaves his swamp

I was getting scared, these images were rather disturbing

Then suddenly, peppa pig ran out of her house, she was playing with her friends

"Oink oink, I'm playing with my friends "

Peppa then pulls out a bazooka and starts firing at everything

"I'm gonna fire at everything oink oink"

This was getting scary...... spongebob looked so off, it was scaring me, I wanted to turn it off but I couldn't, I feel like I needed to see what was going to happen, so I hugged my Brian griffin plush and watched

Mickey mouse was walking in the city and then his face started melting and I was able to hear a woman screaming in the background, it's was disturbing, Max and ruby was riding on a top of an airplane and then Max suddenly Falls and then he crashes on the ground so hard that it pretty much just becomes ketchup Ruby was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO depressed after the funeral that she writes a note:

"Without max, i am nothing......."

She then takes out a Laser and then vaporizes herself

I was beginning to cry, this was so sad.....

Mordecai and Rigby was yelling at each other about losing something and can't finding it

You keep getting me in trouble all the time


The cart, the house, the grilled cheese, the party, the OTHER party that cost us our jobs

Hey,you know muscle man pushed me


Mordecai and Rigby looked hyper realistic, like I was able to feel their Fur and Feathers if I touch the screen, the screen then faded a black and then Sonic showed up, he had black eyeballs with red pupils, he looked terrifying I got up and took out the DVD but then I heard a voice behind me when I looked to see it, it was a SpongeBob plushie with Hyper realistic black eyes with red pupils and blood coming from his mouth and then the light suddenly turned out and I heard the SpongeBob plush scream, after that happened, I drove all the way from my home state of Maine all the way to the Grand Canyon I parked my car right in front of the Grand Canyon and then I looked down below it

The end, so remember kitties, eat all your fruits and vegetables bye bye bye

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