Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom - 666 version

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Writen bi PhantomStrider
I was on my compuoter playing Lego Star Wars. It was a rainy and storemi day.

Then I decidid to go out for fresh aer. I went to gumestop at the mall looking for the new spongebob game - battle for bikini bottom rehydrated.

The man at the gumestop counter had frizzy hair and a crazy look in his eye. He had a parrot on his shoulder that squawkd. I sed to him “I’d like a copy of the new spongebob game please!”

He leered at me and said “I hav NO MUR copies matey!”

I looked sad. “Please I’ll take ANY copy! PLZ!”

The man looked at me with wide eyes. His parrot squawked as the lights started to flicker. With a bloody look in his eye he muttered “Well… There is one copy left…”

He pulled a box from the bin. The scratchy box title read “SPONGEBOB battle for bikini bottom 666 DO NOT PLAY.”

“I’ll take any copy!” I said. I slammed the money on the counter and went back to my compuoter.

I went by Mcdunlalds to get a humbuger. It was gud.

I slammed the disk in and the game started without me pressing aniting. The screen went bluck and the Spondebode battle for bikini bottom rehydrated title screen bubbled up. Except everything was SATANIC red and evil n stof. Spongebode was still on the title screen but he had hyper realistic blood coming out of his eyes. He said “bahahahaha. I will get you Josh” I was scared. How did spongebob know my name? I was so scared that I presed the spart dutton.

Spongebode started isnide his pinapple house like always. But the music played super slow and backwards and rolly sciry. When I walked outside Sponbode said “rise my minions!!” Just then, Patrick, Mr Krub, Squidwurxxxxx and Sandy all burst out of the ground. Their faces were ghoulish and bludy.

I was so scared that I paused the game. I decided to go to get a snack. Mucdunaldz dudnt fiall me up much. I had sum chikkin soop. It was good. But then I saw tha evil pirate game man in my soop. His parrot sqakd as he sed “AYE TOLD YOO! THAT GAM IS GOIN TY EAT YOUR SOLL!”

“No you idnt!” I sed angrily. “Go away!” I suddenly dudnt want my soop and ran backwards to unpaws the game.

When I pressd staat, Spongebob said “Im reddy!” and reddish blood that looked hyper ultra supa photo-realistic came out his eyes he was angry and I was scared. I started to yell as ewil sandy, pattick, krub and squidwrrxxxxxxxxxx all began to move again they groaned and shuddered forward. Sanji weeldd a chainsaw, Pattik held a giant bluddy katana, it was so hyper ultra super realistic that I vomitted beard. Squidwrrxxxxxxxx had a geant bucher’s axe and Krub had blud all over his claws. I watched in horror as they all shambled into Bethany bottom town and started chopping up bethany bottom cizitens.

“YAR HAR HAR HAR” Krub went as he sliced fish into tiny pieces. It was so real I thugtht they were sashimi.

“YEEHAW” Sandy went as she began a texas chainsaw killing spree on the town. Fishies’ price heads flew everywhere and Sandy revved her chainsaw through the crowd witha glee. She said something about diced tuna but she sed it in a scary demon voice.

I was very scared at this point. I held my sonic plush to make myself feel beter but I got to control the spungbode. I tried to moov him to stup his friends but he just went “bahahahaha. Revenge is mine” and started karoppy-chopping fishis heads off. Blud spurted out like streamers. But thees blud wus not reelistick.

Spungybode, Sandy, Patik, Krub and Squidwrrrrrxxxxxx soon stood upon a mountain of heads and fishy fleshy body parts. It was hyper super duper mega ultra realistic blood spurting in every direction. It was so terrifig and hurribul that I can’t find words to describe it to you. It was so hyper realistic that my screen turned hyper Sonic. From the top of the pile of boddies Spungbub giv an evil smile and say “This is the best…. Day… ever”

Then my screen went black and a screamer picture of spuingybob with bloody red eyes appeared on my screen. He went “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I KNOW WERE YOU ARE JOSH!!” I was so scares now. How did spungb kniw were I am? At this point I decided to turn the game off. I deceided to ask for a refund from the gumestamp guy.

When I arrived back at Gumestump that afternoon, the pirat parrot guy was leering at me as I enterd.

“I warnenid you” he said. “That game is evall and bad.”

“Yes I know you did.” I said “But it wasisnt very fun and I didn’t like it. I would like a refund please.”

I put the game on the counter and tried to find my riseete. When I pulld it ut of my pockute, my riseete was cuverd in blud and bats flew out of my pukote. I pathetically splattered it on the counter. “Her’es my reseeit” I said with a smile.

Pirate man glared at me. “I cannut read this!” he said. “iz too evil and curzed.”

“Oh no!” I exclaim. “This game is too evil to be returnined!”

“Dont fear citizen.” the pirate man said. A dark vortex began to swirl above us on the ceiling. Lightning thundered through the roof.

“I have the power to bring your riseet back!!!!”

I was shocked. “How?!” I asked.

“The giimestoomp computter database!” He yelled triumphantly. Lightning crashed as he gloriously huld up his ar,s in joy.

I was so relieved. My original receipt had begun to smoke and fire at this point I threw it to the ground and stomped on it. Guinea pigs began to scurry out of my receipt. “Here is your refund!” he exclaimed with triumph. He handed me some cursed, scary-looking dollar notes. They had skeletons on them. “And now, I will burn this evil game!” He yelled. “Ahahahahaha!” The ruf smashed open as liteneen crackled has boomed.

I thanked the nice pirate man and left the store. Since my refund muney looked evil, I traded them in for some pizzas since they wul take any muny and I dudnt feel like a berger. I shared the peezas with the homeless guy down the road. His name is Barlog. He writes creepypastas. Then I went back to playing Lego Star Wars.

Spongebob 666 was so scary that I never played a Spongebob game ugen.

The End??

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Credited to PhantomStrider 

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