Spongebob: stolen secrets

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We all know spongebob that's a fact now check this out.

One day at the Krusty krab a man comes 

And says squidward was hint by spongebobs new car.

Spongebob new he should have not drone a car so we sent out for revenge.

We went to squids house found his diary in it he found out that the old squid dones have a thing for sandy.

Spongebob wanted sandy all to himself we set out for vengeance. That night at the hospital we grabbed a knife and stabbed squidward 10 times.

The next day it turned that he survived and fled the hospital spongebob try's to get Patrick in to chance him but star said no

He then try's to kill star.

That's night the sponge fled the city waiting for revenge

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