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Day 1: I was watching SpongeBob while my tape player popped a tape out, which was strange, because there was none in there. I looked at it and it was too dusty to see, so I blew on it revealing the title, "SpongeBob SquarePants.avi".

I put the tape back in the player and it kept coming out, so I had to duct tape it closed. When I started watching it, the title card was "SpongeBob". No, I'm serious. It said "SpongeBob" only. Strangely enough, it skipped over the opening credits. I watched it and SpongeBob was angrily knocking on Squidward's door, with a pistol. Squidward flung the door open, only to be shot to the head. SpongeBob looked toward the screen with a creepy Joker-like smile, and it cut to another part of the episode, but without the bubbles transition. SpongeBob was playing normally with Patrick, and then it cut to another part again. SpongeBob was crying on the floor, because Patrick had suffered the same fate. I asked on a forum if anyone else had seen it, and to my surprise, there was somebody.

He said he had the next part of the episode, and said he would mail it to me. I decided to get it, and I started watching it when it came in 2 days later. Squidward was a zombie, along with Patrick, who was trying to eat SpongeBob. They went toward the screen after eating him and then the episode ended. That was pretty short. I called Nickelodeon about the tape and they said they wouldn't make such a thing. I decided I would meet the guy that gave me part 2 through my mail. His forum name was <REMOVED>. He says he knew the sole survivor of the people that made that episode. The Nickelodeon staff person's name was Gary Freeman. This may remind you of HL2, but that was his actual name. 'Gary Freeman' said that everyone but him who was making the episode was punished by Nickelodeon Studios. He said he got punished too, but he only got hit by a bullet. He had bandages around his hand, where he got shot. I will tell you the rest later.

Day 2: <REMOVED> is telling me about so many parts. I found a torrent for part 17.....PART 17?! THIS IS LIKE AN ENTIRE SERIES! So anyway, I downloaded it, and it was like a normal SpongeBob episode. Cheery music, SpongeBob playing outside, Squidward playing clarinet...I thought they both died?

It also had part 3, so I looked at that and it was Squidward and Patrick invading Bikini Bottom as zombies. Everyone was eaten or turned into zombies, until the town was crawling with zombies. <REMOVED>

says he has part 5 too, and I watched that, and instead of "GOREY BLOODEY OMGEE" it was just everyone as zombies. I watched the news and they reported they found the episode and there was a zombie somewhere outside.

Day 3: <insert name here> was reported dead, by a zombie ripping him apart. He will be missed by me, very much so. I saw a tape for part 7 just laying on the ground, with a few cracks and holes in it.

After being fixed up a little, I watched it and to my surprise, it worked. SpongeBob appeared as a zombie and ate Squidward. He then went towards the screen, like in Part 2, and it looked as if a camera man was being eaten.

I will find more parts to the episode later.

Credited to Superguy163

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