Spongebob The Splinter Alternative Cut

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I actually saw the mial theis morning. but i saw another tape. i t said this time "spongebob the splinter alternitave cut". i knew this was bad. I watching it big mastake. the episode went normal. the title card, the animation. it wasnt so bad. But i got to the part where mr krabs is solving the problem where spongebob has huge spinter. the original scene was actually supposed to take out to peice of wood and spongebob thumb would shoot out confetti and then it would deflate like a balloon with green slime. But this times diffent. When mr krabs tok out the wood, spongebob's thumb actually exploded into blood without shooting confetti. mr krabs said "YOUR THUMB!!!!!!!" spongebob was super worried that his thumb looked like it was ripped off. after that part spongebob cried in his house looking at his exploded thumb. sobbing in 20 seconds. then the vhs ended. But its not over the screen split second of an image that looked like squidward staring at screen and crying blood at me. I scared. i destroyed vhs just like last tie. and therw it away forerv. you all remeber my note from last time. it said "when you see tape says "spongebob the splinter alternitave cut" throw it away immedietly."

Written by NeTHaANT
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