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This creepy pasta is written by AI, none of this is made by a human being. This is part of the "AI Creepypasta" Series

Part 1 - (who the FBI Watchlist eating fish on a toilet in the ocean deleted this)

Once upon a time, in the virtual world of Roblox, there was a game called "The Abandoned Amusement Park." It was a popular place for players to visit, with its creepy atmosphere and challenging obstacles.

But as the years passed, strange things began to happen within the game. Players reported seeing shadowy figures lurking in the corners of their screens, and hearing strange noises coming from their speakers.

Some even claimed to have encountered a strange figure wearing a clown mask, who would appear out of nowhere and chase them through the park. No one knew who or what this clown was, but it seemed to have a sinister presence.

Despite these strange occurrences, many players still visited the abandoned amusement park, drawn in by the thrill of the unknown. But as the stories of the clown and other paranormal events spread, fewer and fewer players dared to enter the game.

One day, a group of brave players decided to investigate the source of these strange happenings. They ventured deep into the abandoned amusement park, armed with only their wits and determination.

As they explored the darkened corridors and abandoned rides, they heard the sound of laughter coming from all around them. It was the clown, taunting them as it stalked them through the shadows.

Finally, the group stumbled upon a hidden room deep within the park. Inside, they found the clown, standing in the center of the room with an evil grin on its face.

The players tried to run, but the clown chased after them, its laughter growing louder and more maniacal with every step. In a last-ditch effort, the players turned and fought back against the clown, using their weapons and abilities to try and defeat it.

In the end, they were victorious, and the clown was vanquished. But the players knew that the abandoned amusement park would never truly be safe, for the ghost of the clown would always haunt its twisted corridors.

And so, the game was shut down, its secrets and dangers sealed away forever. But for those who experienced the horrors of the abandoned amusement park, the memory of the clown would haunt them forever.

(Only Human Part)

Bad Ending

The players tried to run, but the clown chased after them. Its laughter growing louder and maniacal with every step. The players suddenly froze. The clown caught up to them, and the players died in game. After the animation, the game froze and their computers turned off, sok did their electricity. They were never heard from again, the game is still up. The clown still wants victims.

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