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One day I was walking through town going to buy some video games when all of a sudden sponge fell from the sky and landed on my head. I said "WAT DA FUK IZ DIS PEES OV SHET!!!!!!????!?!111ONE!!1." I picked it up and it looked strange, like really strange. Most sponges are yellow but this one was yellow on one side and red on the other as if it had soaked up blood. I put the sponge in my pocket and carried on walking.

The sponge that landed on my head

I arrived at the local game shop with the bloody sponge still in my pocket and walked in. It was empty which was weird because game shops are usually full of people. I went to the counter where you go to pay for your stuff but there was no-one there. I shouted really loud "HAY!!! IZ THER ENEE WON THER!!!??!" There was no reply. I went over to the Nintendo section and saw a large pink thing occasionally pop out from the side of a row of games. I also heard heavy breathing and a flopping squidgy sound...

ALL OF A SUDDEN Evil Patrixxx Jr knocked over the stack of games and roared really loud. He had no pants on and his dick was hard. He came on me and he got horrible jizz all over my new shirt. Then he grabbed me by the neck and whispered into my ear "Give me teh sponge.""No" I replyed. Evil Patrixx Jr roared really loud again and he was so angry that he ripped off both his nipples and shoved them up my bum. He then threw me out of the window and came crashing through the window himself.  He was about to pick me up again but then he saw a fat black woman which made his dick go hard again. He jizzed up her vajina and then Evil Patrixxx used his magical time changing device to take me and him 9 months into the future when Evil Patrixxx Jr Jr was born. Then I was transported back to the present day in my home.

The sponge had gone though. I was looking everywhere for it but I could not find it. Then suddenly, A SKELETON POPPED OUT!! Blood was coming out of it's eyes and it had the sponge in it's hand. Then the sponge turned into SpungBub and killed the skeleton which made HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD come out.  SpungBub thanked me for everything and then walked off into the sunset. I cried because we had become great friends but he had to leave to go live with the other sponges. A couple of days later I found out in the news that SpungBub had died in a car crash. My cat commited suicide when I told him. I cri everytiem I remember this story :(

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