Spungbob kwits his job

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I once loved spongebob, it was the best show, but what i just saw ruined tat.

So i was going to the shop to get spongebob dvds, i got 3 of them, one of them was suspiciosly a dvd on season 9, but what was wierd was that it said it included a special unaired episodd.

When i got home i put the dvd in my computer, then i finished putting it in, i watched the normal episodes and they of course were great, it was the last one that wasn't.

When it got to that episode it started with the normal intro, but something was off, THERE WERE DEAD CORPSES EVERYWHERE, or nevermind they were torn up toys.

I was wonder that the episodes name was when it played, its name was 'spongebob quits his job'

The bubbles flooded the screen and it started, it started with spongbob at the krusty krab flippin patties, but then mr krabs burst trouh the dorr and said, 'spongebob, prepare them quicker!' He did.

But then there was trouble (as the thomas narrater always says), spongebob flipped a patty too high and it hit spongebobs eye! (Hey that rhymes).

Spongebob screamed in pain, it was so realistic, i didn't know what reality was anymore, blood splattered everywhere, mr krabs screamed in fear and yelled 'OH MY F**KING GOD!!!) i was shocked that mr krabs sweard! Mr krabs then called the hospitel, and said to them on the phone 'DOCTOR COME HERE QUICK!!!'

It then cut to the hospital, where spongebob woke up, he had an eyepatch on his eye, he then asked what happened, when they showed him he had an eyepatch, he froze, and yelled, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE KRABS!?' He started to choke krabs and saying it was his fault he flipped them too fast, be them cut krabs' kneck and ate his head and said 'YOU'RE NEXT!', he then appeard in reallife and killed me, i am a ghost now btw.

Also im currsntly watcheng tv with ths other angels, never watch lost episode of spongebob, btw, hes killing pepole in the real world right now.

Btw you're on his list of pepole he will kill.

The end

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