Strangulation Doll

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3 year old Emily Loved to play But she always kept a Certain doll out of her eye sight as it creeped her out.Emily`s Brother,Dad And even her mother didn`t like it either. she got it at christmas 2012 .The doll had Bright red eyes,Eyeliner,make up But the thing every one was frightend of was the hands...Coverd in blood as if it had stapled its hands together.

P.S The Story is based on a true story

One night when everyone was in bed emily was looking at the doll She put it back on the shelf because of its smile that looked like jeff the killers mouth.Acouple hours later she was flat out on her bed. CRRKKKKR!. The dolls head turned around looking away from the wall but now looking at Emily.The doll had a rope in its hands with dry blood scraped up and down on it.The doll jumped down and Tied the rope round Emilys neck and Tied the rope the doll then jumped back onto the shelf looking inocent.Emily was dead. The next morning Emilys dad went to check on emily To see if she was Ok.It was a weekend so they where aloud to sleep in. Dad saw the rope round emilys neck Dads susspect was the doll so he threw the doll in the bin but it climed out with a machete and sliced his neck open.Then mum came out to bring out the rubbish The doll then took her pants off distubingly and suffacated mum.MUM WHENS TEA READY. John Emilys brother shouted john paused and saw the doll standing over everybodys dead corpses john silently Ran to the garrage he drove to London Far away from the doll. THE DOLL IS GOING TO FIND THE NEXT TRAYTER.

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