Stuck in a Street Light

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

One summer day in Florida, everyone was relaxing at the mansion. Skelly was busy eating pie, Koromo and Dib were watching a raunchy reindeer porno in the living room, and Zim was busy beating somebody up pickles. Sir Spike was out doing groceries, and Billy was playing outside.

Suddenly Sir Spike came in. He stroked his mustache and threw his groceries on the coffee table, killing Carrie the Catterpillar for the 16th time that day. He looked upset as he petted his hat. "Billy got stuck in the street lamp again!"

Koromo laughed pickles. "Insolence!" she proclaimed.

Dib laughed stars. "BULLFUCK!" he said out of characterly as he held his arms behind his head.

"It is true!" Sir Spike said. "Cum and see for yourself!"

"But I only cum when I'm horny!" Koromo said. Zim proceeded to punch Koromo with a wet noodle.

They all headed outside and saw that Billy was stuck in the street lamp. Skelly gasped, throwing his pie on the ground. "We must save him, or else hot dogs!" "No! Not the hot dogs!" Carrie the Catterpillar said dramatically. She suddenly transformed into Dracula and they all ran over to the street light.

They all stood by the street and saw Billy pounding at the inside of the streetlight, trying to break free. He was too big to get out and he was stuck. The friends all ran out of plans, because Sir Spike had no musicanites to help him beetle Billy out of the evil lamp. Eventually they all turned to Koromo.

Koromo groaned and said "Fine, Koromo will do it." She transformed into a mosquito and flew into the street lamp by maneuvering around the cracks. She tried to pick up Billy but he was too big and fat, so she went back down to the others and transformed back into a human.

"Koromo cannot get him," she said. Suddenly Sir Spike jumped up and smacked the street light, and Billy fell out. However, he did not expect Billy to turn into Cthulhu, and his tentacles devoured most of Sir Spike's body and made him into a head. Carrie the Catterpillar melted for no reason, then became a pony. Billy then turned back and puked up all of Sir Spike's body parts. Zim rearranged them. Then he said,

"IN CELEBRATION FOR RESCUING PICKILLY, LET US ALL FUCK DEBAUCHEDLY!" They then proceeded to have an orgy in the middle of the street. Most of them got arrested, but Koromo and Dib made it and went to Australia for 3 minutes because they both orgasmed first. The next day everyone broke out of prison and then went to West Philadelphia before they went back to Florida.


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