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You know how there are porn sites out there in which men submit photos, videos and stories about their wives as revenge? Women used to have one, too.

It was called "SuburbanHousewife". It was a forum where women would post stories about their husbands and about their ordinary lives. People could vote up or down on stories or videotapes about their significant others' antics. The community wasn't large, but it was just large enough to have a few hundred members.

Because of it's size, SuburbanHousewife introduced a new VIP forum, where only people who had donated money to the site could go. That was where all of the fun happened. There, the housewives would tell the stories as usual, upload the videos, upload the photos, and vote. However, they had a top ten list of what they called the "Cheap Bastards". It was a list of the worst husbands, as voted by the forum members. The husbands who didn't spend enough money. The husbands who didn't listen. The ones who assaulted their girlfriends, or made them feel unloved. The ones who had left their beloved in a messy breakup, or who hadn't proposed quickly enough. The cheaters were at the very top.

At the end of the month, the man at the top of the list was given a "surprise visit" by one of the forum members, and the admins of the site would decide a suitable punishment for them. A few days later, videos and pictures would be uploaded of the man suffering or, in some cases, dead. Their testicles would be cut off and shoved down their throat. They would be skinned down to the bone. Their eyes would be plucked from their sockets and the man would be left to bleed out. The video would never show the face of the person comitting these horrible acts, and the audio would be muted. Once in a while, you could see a small, feminine hand coming in and out of focus if you were paying enough attention.

It was difficult to keep the women of the VIP lounge quiet, and so a minimum of 50 posts had to be made every day by every member, and absolute secrecy was sworn. If a woman broke this pact, the administration would use their VIP registration form to find their address and silence them. Over 30 members went missing because of this pact.

The site was eventually shut down following an investigation by Interpol. However, the list still exists, and the owner of the site was never arrested. It is said that, somewhere on the internet, the site is still there. The woman, wherever she is, walks the streets at night, continuing to torture and maime those men who are voted "Cheap Bastards".

Of course...they could be watching you.

Credited to CanadianCowboy

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