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i went to a cemetery. it was supposed to have a gravestone of [jeff thek iller]. he was haunted and caused millions of deaths back in da days. the guy at the desk said he was in section 666. this meant that is jeff guy was cliched :) when i walked up to jeff's grave it said [GO TO SLEEP] i was scurred for life so i called my mamma who was in atlantic city gambling at the time. she said [CALL 1-800-PATRIXX] so i did. patrixx showed up at the site a min later and boy did i freak out. he shouted [COME TO ME ALL OF JEFF'S RELATIVES] . so came a whole bunch of creepypasta dudes. even my old friends Kyle and Tom came with a sonic plushie. they said there ws a funeral being held and it was for Hanson Jerroldson. i was shocked cause dat meh name. then jeff thek iller came out and said [GO TO SLEEP] i didnt but dat didnt mean he stab me. luckily for me, these kids named randy, troy, and keith came and beat jeff back into his gravestone. the kids den brought me to atlantic city where i saw i giant squid attcking. i see my mom and she said to hop in da car. we did and ended up back at da cemetery. everyone was cheering me on for some reason. even jeff was applouding. then we went to taco bell and 5 of the guys died from being to fat from da tacos. i den lived happily ever after. DA END

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