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December 8th, 2012

My name is Jeniffer Rouleur and I'm going to start keeping this journal because somethings in my life happen strangely. I'm going to an auction tomorrow, and I'll tell you what happens.

December 9th, 2012

I got an n64, but I didn't win it. On the way out, some guy told me he got it off of eBay and didn't want it anymore, so he gave it to me along with six games. But still, that guy had stitches up his arm...

December 10th, 2012

The first game I ever played was Super Mario 64. That game was back in my possession now, along with an n64. I put on the game, and the screen where you can stretch Mario's face appeared, but he looked depressed, and a couple pixels on his face were out of place, making it look like he was bleeding.

I ignored this and pressed start. The game just started up with me having 104 stars. I walked around and found metal Mario just standing there. He appeared to smile at me, just smile. I turned it off, and now I'm going to bed.

December 15th, 2012

After a LOOONG week at work, I invited some of my friends over so they could see my game. We turned it on, and when the stretching screen appeared, my friend got kinda freaked out. I told them it was just a graphical glitch and I tried to make my point by stretching his jaw downward, but it ripped off, a bloody mess.

One of my friends, James, had recently had an n64 but sold it on eBay said 'wait lemme see that pile of games...' he concluded that the man at the auction was in fact the guy he sold his to. Then he showed us his arm. A cut all the way up.

He said that the only way to get rid of the game was to fight to the end of the events, and make the chain continue. So we did, metal Mario killed all the Toads, Bowser, Mario, Yoshi, and Peach. So I sit here now posting the games and the system on eBay.

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