Super Mario 64: Fun is Infinite

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Hello everyone, my name is James. I am a big fan of the Super Mario franchise if you could not tell. I still very much am to this day, however, there is one game I will never play again, Super Mario 64. I loved this game when I was a kid, but now, it only brings back bad memories. One day in 2011, I was looking through my extremely dusty attic, trying to find some games I could sell for a reasonable price. In one of the many boxes I stored up I found a copy of Super Mario 64. I became extremely excited, just looking at the cartridge, I felt like a kid again. Forgetting everything, I went out of the attic, and into the living room. But, there was one problem, I couldn't find my N64. A few hours later, I came back to the living room, after finally finding my N64. I hook it up to my TV and put the SM64 cartridge in. Then the classic 3d Mario head appeared, of course, everything was normal, until I went to the file select screen. All of my save data I had was gone, but, I didn't care, I would have rather played the whole game again than start with 120 stars. However, when Peach was supposed to be reading the letter to Mario, her model wasn't there, there was no audio from what I could tell. I knew something was wrong and turned the TV on and off again. It kind of makes sense something like this could happen, it's an old cartridge, and it will have bugs, but, it wouldn't be doing stuff like this unless it was corrupted. From what I could tell, it wasn't corrupted, but, then again, I was tired and I could've been seeing things. I booted up the game again, but, something was wrong, Mario's 3d head was replaced with Luigi's. I thought that was extremely weird, but then again, I always preferred Luigi over Mario. But, then it hit me, Luigi is not in Super Mario 64, I know he was indeed planned but, he shouldn't be here. I continued either way because I wanted to see if this was a ROM or a beta. Who knows, I may have had two cartridges, maybe one of them was beta and I just didn't know. This time, Peach's model was there, and thankfully, so was the audio. After Mario jumped out of the signature pipe, he donned a facial expression, it looked like he was scared, like, he knew something was there. With this new facial expression came a model for a mouth, which is weird as no other SM64 expression has a mouth, only his eyes change. I moved Mario over to the castle entrance but, Lakitu didn't have his iconic conversation with the red plumber himself, he just, wasn't there. I made Mario enter the castle and Bowser's laugh echoed the halls, but, it sounded odd. He sounded, dreadful, the laugh sounded forced. Mario then opened the door to Bob-Omb Battlefield, but the painting was different, it was of Peach, her eyes followed Mario wherever he walked. Mario then exited the room, looking shaken up. I then wondered if we could glitch through the door to fight Bowser early, and with enough BLJ practice, we did! Mario then got fell through the falling floor, and into the Bowser stage. It felt like Bowser's laugh was echoing throughout the level the whole time, constantly getting Mario more and more frightened. After finally reaching Bowser, he laughed one more time, but like when we first entered the castle, it sounded forced. It's almost as if there is a greater threat than Bowser, and he knows this. Mario quickly defeated Bowser, but then the game froze, however, Bowser's face began to distort, as his eyes and mouth became pitch black and looked like they were drowning in ink. Then the screen went to black, I took the cartridge out of the N64 and, instead of destroying I put it on the top shelf of my closet, and after a few hours it already had a lot of dust on it. I still continue to play on my N64, but I have never since opened that closet door, but sometimes, it feels like something is forcing me to. It sounds like laughter is coming from my closet.

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