Super Mario 666

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It was a normal day on the computer. I was looking for games to play on Ebay and typing games that were from my childhood. Then I typed Super Mario 64. There were lots of games to buy and then I found a Super Mario 64 game for free and best of all, no bidders.

"Today's my lucky day!" I thought.

I won the game and then I had to wait for it to come.

2 Days later....

I got it in the mail and went to the basement to get my N64. I plugged it into my TV and it was not working, so I left the room. Then it suddenly started. I went back into the room and saw that instead of Super Mario 64, it was Super Mario 666.

"Probably a glitch." I thought.

I just continued the game, but then all game files had 666 stars, which I found strange since there were only 120 stars in existence. I just thought it was a hack, so I deleted one and it crashed. I tried again ten times and every time, it always crashed so I just played on File 1 or File A. Everything was normal in the game, until I went to the basement of the casle. Everything was glitched up and then Mario walked in to Lethal Lava Land, but it was named Hell. I wanted to stop, but if I tried, I was afraid I would be in horrible danger. The game, however, said to just stop or else so I played and got to a log when I found a terrifying image of me burnt and cut. Then I just blacked out. I didnt know why but I just blacked out.

I woke up in a hospital and I was burnt. The nurse told me I was in a house fire. Everything was burnt, except for Super Mario 64. I tried explaining that the game probably caused the fire, but the nurses laughed and said I was probably high on LSD or something like that.

Credited to ConnorXD
Originally uploaded on July 16, 2012

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