Super Mario Death Brothers

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I was playing Super Mario Brothers on an emulator. When I downloaded it. I shows a setup. A setup for a rom? I just didnt mind. On the first setup window it standed With red Words: Do NoT CoNtInUE. I clicked next. There it was writen: Forget what i said! Continue, I want some lunch. I was creeped out for a sec. I cliked next. Then a picture poppt up right there. It was a picture of a ghost who dragd my bones out of me and ate them.

I started playing the game. I chosed Mario And level 1 started.

What it was a big hell land. the music where all scary. it was full of pictures of mario who getiing slaid with axes and swords and knifes. I got freaked out. The game frozed and my Computer Crashed. I restarted my computr, Started the game agin. this time it was A CUTSCENE BEFORE THE MAIN MENU. It was Peach who got stabbed in the head by a gomba. And bowser lav on the ground with his brain floded out. The game started. I couldt chose any characters. one minnute after a character popt up. A MARIO ZOMBIE? I chosed that. When level 1 started. I was in the mushroom kingdom. the zombie mario auto controlled himself and slaid all the toads. and ate they'r brains. The gane frozed agin. I went to the main menu. No characters. Wait. Regular mario popt up. his eyes where all red? its no collors in this game. level 1 started. Mario like cryed while i played. he then auto grabbed a sword. and stabbed himself with it. then. wario standed in front of him. he was snipped. he falled on the ground. my pc shutet down. and while the pc was black. a crying mario with blood in his mouth poped up on the screen. my tv started. Everything who showed there was a burning mushroom kingdom with all the toads slaied. I recived a message from the creator of the game. he said: I wish I could say bye to the mushroom kingdom. I miss it so mutch. I want to warn the person who saw this death of mushroom kingdom. and everyone who knows about it. you will share theyrs fate.

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