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One day I was just around my local game trading store, I was looking for some cheap NES games.

I was looking for the first MOTHER game but I found a copy in english and it said "SUPERMARIONIC RPG"

I thought that it was a very weird name, so I went to the cashier and he was looking like he was homeless, and I asked: How much does this game cost? The only answer he had was: Take it... g... o... n... o... w..., I BEG YOU JUST TAKE IT!


AT HOME 2:36

So I brought the game into my room, got the cartridge of SUPERMARIONIC and the intro just said EARTH BOUND GO BACK and it had 3 save files (as usual) and 2 were used. The 1st said MARIONIC. The 2nd said GOBACK... I tried the 1st save and it put me in Super Mario Bros. Except Mario's head had Sonic's head, So I just watched the demo and this is exactly what I saw... blood coming out of the mushrooms and enemies die when you hit a block with blood coming out of it saying: GET OUT NOW!

But it's not right, My NES exploded to pieces, and reinforced itself...

I hit RESET and it came back to the title screen but instead of EARTH BOUND GO BACK it said EARTH BOUND TOO LATE. I then entered the 2nd file and it brought me back to regular EARTH BOUND ZERO except all the billboards said MARIONIC IS COMING and Podunk was filled blood all over the roads and buildings... I then appeared in a battle with those eye things and it said RUN NOW! so I selected "Run" 

They had blood dripping from the eyes of all 3 of them... I was dead on the game as you can see in the screenshot. I lost the battle and my NES shut off by itself. I was scared to the fact that I couldn't play Zelda anymore and 1 hour after the NES shut off I got a message saying: g... o... b... a... c... k... so far I end this day of the story.. I will have more info later but you need to GO TO SLEEP NOW!

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