Super Smash Bros Barwl = HAUNTED

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Once upon a time, I was having my 23rd birthday party. I invited all my friends and they said the cake tasted funny. I replied smoothly with "That's because it's made from gamecube"

Just then my friends gave me a gamecube for my birthday, how thoughtful. we plugged in the cube and we got the smashbors startup screen, except it was covered in bull testicles. We shrugged it off as if it were nothing.

We started playing, but I noticed something a little funny with the multiplayer. We were playing some stage where you eat pellets to kill ghosts. Strange to say the least.

Next we kept playing and got a game over screen. I looked at the screen as my friends stared at me with their hyper-realistic blood, we were all three shocked at this sight. Just then we respawned, that frightened us even more.

Finally we unplugged the controllers and destroyed them, this undoubtably frightened the system. But, the game kept playing, and we took a second to watch the game play itself. The word DEMO kept flashing in a putrid yellow color over the title as gameplay went on behind it. Demo must mean ghost in spanish, because the game took itself back to the title screen.

Just then I smelled a horrible odor, it was my friend shitting his pants at how scary the game was. That ghost forced me to shit my pants as well. Just then a horrible tall figure appeared in the door to the room, we prayed our ass fumes would scare it off. Just then we heard a thud as the figure hit the ground.

We looked outside and it was my dad, his face melted off as hyper-realistic face skin curdled on the ground in front of me. My own father was the ghost all along.

Don't ever play this game if you don't want your dad to become a ghost and haunt you're game cartriges on gamecube forever.

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