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So one time, I was at home ordering Chinese and I remember how much I liked Street Fighter Turbo Alpha Omega, it was super rare and I went to game stop and this  is how it went.

Me: Hi I want Street fighter turbo alpha omega

Gamestop dude: ok, do you want to subscribe to gameinfo

Me: no

Gamestop dude: ok do you want to subscribe to gameinfo

Me: NO



Gamestop dude: fine I wont get your game

Me: Oh come on

Gamestop dude: yeah man you're too mean

Me: :C

Gamestop dude: ok, but it will still show up in your mail.

Me: alright, *then he gives me the game*

Gamestop dude: do you have a pro card

Me: no

Gamestop dude: do you want one?

Me: NO

Gamestop dude: fine rude.

Then, his skin melted off when he touched the game like *blububububub*, then I ran off with the game like "lolollollololol"

I went to my house and put in the game for a nostalgic blast, but then the game stop employed appear on the game and said

"I will haunt your game 5evr"


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