Survival of The Coldest

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It was a cold winter day in the kingdom of Arendelle, and Father Olaf was with his son, Son Olaf. In the cold, harsh weather, there was a fight for survival. And all of the strong would devour the all of the weak and the weak would fuel the strong. Father Olaf was the strong, and Son Olaf was the weak. "Son." Said Father Olaf. "Yes Father.". "Now you know the rule of survival right?" Father Olaf said. "No. Not really.". "Well. let me tell you, my son. You see. In the harsh cold, the weakest are fed to fuel the strong.". "Oh, well, wait! Your not serious are you?!.". "Yes I am serious, my Son.". Said Father Olaf. And at that very moment, Father Olaf had picked up Son Olaf. "Father no!" Son Olaf had screamed. Father Olaf knew that he had to do this, it was the rule of survival in the north. and at that, Father Olaf swallowed Son Olaf whole. And that was the end of Son Olaf, and the way the harsh north was. the Survival of The Coldest.

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