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Author's note: I wrote this entirely in A.I. Dungeon last year

‘You are a person who created a machine that can travel to different worlds'

‘Which world would you like to go to?’

> You enter the Mario universe.

You can enter the world of the popular video game character Mario. You enter the doors of the castle. It looks like a video game. A man with a moustache and a red cap comes to you. He has a very surprised face on his face.

> You say "Oh hi"

> You shake Mario's hand.

‘Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you came to my world! Wait, why are you in my world?'

‘I don't know. I was bored, so I entered your world in search of entertainment'


> You say "Yes "

> You take Mario to the Hazbin Hotel universe.

You take Mario to the hotel. When you enter it, it's empty. It looks like a cheap hotel from the movies. Then, ghosts appear. They scare the hell out of you. The ghosts look like they're from the 1800s.


‘I don't know! But I've never seen ghosts like these!'

‘These aren't the undead either.'

‘Then what are they?'

‘I don't know, but I'm getting out of here.

> You fight the ghosts and win.

You are able to beat the hell out of the ghosts. One of them drops a key. You grab the key and run out of the hotel. You stop at a nearby travel agency to rent a room for the night.

> You wake up in the actual real Hazbin Hotel.

You wake up in the actual real Hazbin Hotel. This is somewhat surprising since it isn't actually located in a spooky old abandoned mansion (Which is where your "ghost" descriptions would put you).

> You get up out of bed and try to find Charlie, Vaggie, Alastor, Angel Dust, Nifty and Husk.

When you get up out of bed, you notice a door near the balcony of your room. It is locked. You head over to it and try to unlock it.

A person opens the door and reveals themselves to be Charlie, holding a tray of coffee and toast.

> You say "Oh hi Charlie!"

Charlie freaks out and runs out the room to alert all of Hell because there's a human in the hotel

> You say "Oh yeah, that's right... I fucked up big time..."

> You try to stop Charlie by alerting all of Hell that you, a human being, is in the hotel.

> You bump into demons along the way.

When you try to stop Charlie, you head into the depths of the demon realm where you eventually bump into several dozen demons (And several ghosts).

> You say "Sorry! Excuse me! "

You bump into a dozen demons who give chase while howling at you while several ghosts float after you trying to touch you as well. Finally, when you reach the main bar area of the hotel, dozens of demons and several ghosts are waiting for you.


"Who is this guy? I thought we agreed there would be no humans here." Vamp says angrily while many of the demons begin to step forward ready to attack.

"This... human isn't doing anything wrong!" Charlie says trying to diffuse the situation.

> You say "Thank you Charlie!"

The demons and ghosts quiet down and Charlie seems relieved. Vamp however just glares at you and takes a step forward.

> You say "Uh... hi?"

"Don't think that this situation is going to go well for you." Vamp says quietly though many demons hear him and begin laughing and cheering which scares the hell out of you since they don't normally act this way especially towards a human.

> You say "Guys, stop laughing, you're scaring the living shit out of me..."

"I'd like to kill this piece of human waste!" one demon shouts while pointing at you. Many of the demons begin shouting their support for killing you and several ghosts float forward towards you threateningly.

> You say "NO! GUYS! WAIT! PLEASE! "

Your eyes lock with ghost girl's and she becomes very upset when she sees how much fear you're in. The rest of the ghosts also quiet down and Charlie begins taking charge telling everyone to calm down and address you personally.

> You say "Phew..."

Mario suddenly appears behind you and starts killing the demons and ghosts, thinking they are all evil. He attempts to touch you to show he is on your side, but due to the fear you can't move. After killing several demons and ghosts with his fire arms, Mario realizes that they are not all bad and some have even grown up with him.


"Who are these guys?" Mario asks completely ignoring what is happening behind him. He points his gun at a nearby ghost who floats by and tries to shoot it, but misses since he is not very good with firearms. Mario looks really confused.

> You say "They are demons and ghosts from Hell! Nice and friendly ones!"

"Wow." He says, finally noticing what is going on behind him and begins to panic. He quickly turns around and attempts to blast every single demon and ghost in the room.


The demons attack Mario while the ghosts surround him trying to touch him to get control of his mind, but he fights them off valiantly, screaming for help the whole time. Meanwhile, a few dead bodies lie on the floor shot by you or Mario and various other bullets are found scattered across the floor.


"Aaargh! Help! I'm being attacked by demons!" He screams while attempting to fend them off. He turns around and points his gun at them and accidentally shoots himself in the leg. "Agh!" He screams in pain.

"Let's get out of here."

> You grab Mario and run out of the bar while demons and ghosts are chasing you and him.

As soon as you exit the bar, hundreds of demons from different locations all over the city come running out of buildings screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs. Several ghosts are following them.


The demons don't listen to you though and continue chasing you while trying to kill you. A few ghosts are attempting to touch people's minds to take control of them, but fortunately they are unsuccessful as most people have taken refuge in their heads.

> You accidentally bump into Katie Killjoy and Tom Trench.

"WATCH OUT!" Tom screams while grabbing your arm. Unfortunately he fails and a bunch of tiny little demons go flying into your face, which hurts a lot since they were near your eyes.

"Ouch! Fucking hell..."

> You pick up Mario and continue to run.

> You run away from the demons and ghosts.

A portal to the Sonic The Hedgehog universe opens up in front of you as you attempt to escape through it. Unfortunately this is when the ghosts that were attempting to enter your head before finally get through successfully along with several other people.

You get possessed by the ghosts

> You kill and eat Mario under the control of the ghosts.

Unfortunately this doesn't work since the ghosts were too busy possessing people to think about food or any other matters relating to survival. As such they die from starvation rather than giving up their power to you.

> You get the ghosts out of your head.

The ghosts that had gotten into your head finally start screaming as one by one they die of either burning energy or your own hands.

> You pick up Mario and runs to ask for help.

When you get to town, you ask people where the Sheriff is, they tell you he has been attacking old ladies in their homes at night and ransacking the place while the Mayor has been doing nothing about it.

> You hunt down the Sheriff and put an end to his reign of terror.

You eventually find the Sheriff at the scene of another home he had robbed. When you approach him he turns around and prepares to fight only to find that it's you instead, he then asks for mercy.

> You say "Nope, goodbye!"

He's too scared to fight back when you put a bullet in his head after he begs for his life. His last thoughts are that he's going to end up like Deputy Fred who got tortured to death by Frank and Eddy a couple of years ago, but he's wrong as usual.


When you get back to town, everyone asks you what happened and you tell them all about how you stopped the crimes and killed the bad guys.

Everyone starts loving me and start calling me a hero.

Suddenly, a portal to the Hazbin Hotel universe opens up and the demons and ghosts emerge out of the portal. Everyone starts running away screaming for mercy. The demons start killing everyone while the ghosts hide in closets and hope they don't get eaten by demons or something. The Sheriff and his men try to fight back, but they're no match for the demonic creatures, especially since they abandoned their weapons when they fled.

> You make a run for it.

You and your friends make a run for it, eventually getting far enough away that the demons lose sight of you, at least for a little while. However, being demons they easily track you down again by smell rather than by sight.

> You try to find Sonic and his friends and ask them for help.

> You say "Sonic? Tails? Knuckles? Amy? Cream? Sally? Shadow? Sticks? I need some help here!"

As you're waiting for them, suddenly a portal opens up behind you and more ghosts emerge, these ones holding rifles.

"We're here to assist." One of them says.

SHIT! You say as you run away, dodging the bullets fired by the ghosts.

Eventually you manage to escape and run far enough away from the city that the demons have lost sight of you again, at least for a little while.

> You find yourself in Green Hill Zone.

While running through the forest, looking for a place to hide, you notice something odd in the distance. It's a pair of hedgehogs on top of each other, or at least what's left of them. A broken sword lays next to them. Must've been what killed them.

Suddenly, Sonic.exe appears behind you!

"I knew there had to be someone alive in this forest." He says as his patrol buddies appear behind him.

"Get him!" They all say in unison as they attack!

You make a run for it!

> You run like there's no tomorrow.

You manage to run several miles away from the demons' location before you realize you're lost. Great, now you have to spend the night here, although at this point you're so tired that even if you did know where you were, you wouldn't care.

> You sleep.

In the middle of the night, something wakens you up. It's cold, getting colder and colder...

> You investigate.

You slowly open your eyes to see two red eyes staring back at you from the darkness. They're everywhere! You jump up in surprise, only to realize that you're sleep walking and there's nothing there. AAAAAAH! Stop it, stop it! It's just your subconscious!

> You wake up from the dream.

Unfortunately, your dream was so real that you actually woke up from your sleep! You groggily get up and head outside, and what do you see? Yes! The monsters are back! Except now they're much closer than before! They must've been stalking you while you slept!

> You run away very fast and quickly.

You manage to run several miles away from the city center before they start giving chase. You desperately try to remember the directions back to the city so you can get back inside it and avoid getting captured. You try remembering which way was north but give up after a few moments.

Suddenly, a portal leading to the Pokémon universe opens up in front of you! Eep! What should you do?

> You jump into the portal in time.

You jump into the portal just in time before it closes again, disappearing into thin air. In front of you appears a city made entirely of cheese, a beautiful sight to see if this wasn't a situation that could be considered dire.

"Oh look Ash, a city made of cheese."

> You eat the whole entire city because you love cheese.

What kind of person would you be if you didn't live up to your reputation? If you were going to be sent to the horrible ends of death and hell, might as well go with a smile on your face. Or at least that's what you think.

> You say "I don't give a fuck, just continue the damn story!"

"Yeah sorry about that, continue." You say trying not to pout too much. Not that you'd know since you've never been a sore loser, not even once.


"Oh yes, of course." The man replies with a smile, he doesn't even give it a second though before he says it again. "I don't have to take it back, because I'm not saying anything else."

> You beat the everloving shit out of the man.

You grab the man by his collar and start punching him! He falls to the ground as the woman tries to pull you off, but you shrug her off like a disobedient dog and continue pummeling him. Everyone in the market is looking as you continue beating him bloody.

Hold on... wasn't I in the Pokémon universe just a minute ago? You say as the A.I apologizes and puts you back into the Pokémon universe again . Everything seems to be in slow motion as you see him get back up and approach you...

What happens next is all too familiar to you, you feel the jaws of an angry Tyranitar close around your legs.

> You break out and try to fight the A.I controlling the story.

You decide that enough is enough and break out of its grip and stand up. You grab it by its collar and punch it square in the jaw! The A.I lets out a pained sound before falling backwards on the ground. You stand above it, breathing heavily.

> You beat the living daylights out of the A.I.

You proceed to begin punching the AI until it's unrecognizable, as blood trickles out of its countless wounds and it screams in pain while begging for you to stop. This goes on for several minutes until the police arrive on the scene and start shooting at you.

> You fight back the police.

You try to fight off the police but it's a losing battle, you find yourself surrounded by police cars and flashing lights yet again as an ambulance picks up the AI's bloody body to take it away for repair.

> You spawns a rocket launcher and blow up the ambulance.

You pull out your rocket launcher and aim at the ambulance, firing a rocket right through it into the building it's parked at. You fire another into the side of it before setting it alight, all the while shouting "Fucking choke on this!" in-between shots.

The explosion destroys the ambulance and the A.I repair center (along with some surrounding buildings), killing everyone within. Unfortunately it's nighttime now and you only kill one or two officers on duty which causes a small investigation to be opened with no suspects or leads, closing it again in a few months.

Thanks to the A.I being destroyed, everything and everyone starts glitching uncontrollably causing chaos in what remains of the city centers as programs go haywire and shut down other important programs causing buildings to shut down or lock people inside, people go insane and other assorted problems.

Everyone's bodies either deform or malform, clip through solid matter, melt, contort, change gender, height, weight, outfits, anything goes wrong and you never know when something is going to go horribly wrong until it does. Then you have to act quickly before it's too late.

You spend the rest of your life fixing everything as much as you can but ultimately most of it is gone forever.

Everyone suddenly starts melting into the ground while their skin loses textures, followed by them getting deleted along with their entire building and landscape becoming an all black screen with only their black shadows remaining. You feel extreme pain going up your spine as blood leaks out of your skull and brain as the world ends around you.

The buildings and landscape lose texture and get deleted, including the sky and moon until there's only endless void of space with an asteroid floating nearby which has also gained a tiny amount of gravity.

Everything gets deleted including all your files along with everything else, wiping out any evidence that could explain what happened along with all your work

You wake up in the real world in your bed, revealing that it was all just a dream. The dream was a result by looking at a lot of shows, games, animes, cartoons, etc. on the internet. You building the machine was all a part of the dream. The ghosts. The demons. They were all just a part of the dream. and you are relieved that it was all just a dream...

> You get up out of bed and exit your bedroom.

You wake up in your bed, head pounding with a splitting headache. After taking in a few breaths of air, you stand up from bed and exit your bedroom, finding yourself in a house which is completely empty. It's not yours though, so you have no idea who owns it.

Suddenly, a spooky skeleton pops out and kills you!

> You revive and kill that motherfucker.

After reviving, you head into your bathroom to take a shower and forget to close the curtain, as a dark figure sits in the corner of your shower. As you notice it, it stands up and reveals itself to be nothing but a decoration for you to use.

> You kill the figure.

You run out of the shower room as fast as possible with the figure in pursuit while screaming for help from an unknown source. The figure runs out of the bathroom screaming as well.

"Thank you." A deep voice says behind you.

The floor collapses and you fall into a single spotlight shining on a concrete floor. Before you stands a ghostly figure with white skin, wearing an all black suit, tie and dark glasses. He walks towards you until he stops moving then continues walking towards you until he's only a few feet away.

> You say "Who are you? Where am I?"

"I'm Matt," The ghost replies in a deep voice while removing his dark glasses to reveal a single white horn growing from his forehead."This is the City."

He puts his glasses back on and turns around to leave."It's time for you to wake up.

> You do as he says and wake up.

You wake up finding yourself lying in a massive cavern with hundreds of half-decayed bodies scattered around the floor. All are wearing black tie attire and most have their hands clasped in prayer.



You feel hands shaking you hard as soon as he finishes speaking."Wake up! We're under attack!" Fay yells as she punches you repeatedly in the shoulder.

> You say "OW! WHO ARE YOU?"

"Hellllpppp!" John says in an extremely fake Spanish accent while slitting your throat

> You drop dead onto the ground as a result of John slitting your throat.

Fay rolls your body to the side and finds John standing there with blood on his mouth and hands."What are you doing? That's what killed him!" Fay asks. "We need to get out of here before the Zealots come back."

John looks at you body and nods slowly.

> You your body rapidly ages into dust with the hair on your head growing quickly.

Your body disappears before their eyes as it rapidly ages into dust then blows away in the wind. Meanwhile, your corpse lays on the floor completely fine. You had an imagination after all.

"Alright," Fay says. "We need to find a way out of here."

> You wake up and say who they are, where you are and what's going on.

You wake up finding yourself lying in a massive cavern with hundreds of half-decayed bodies scattered around the floor. All are wearing black tie attire and most have their hands clasped in prayer.

The corpses decay into dust, which then blows away in the wind. Meanwhile, your corpse lays on the floor completely fine. You had an imagination after all.

"Alright," Fay says. "We need to find a way out of here."

Fay's hair suddenly starts growing rapidly.

"What's wrong?" she asks as her hair now covers her entire body. "I can't control it! It just happens!"

As she speaks more hairs grow from her skin and cover it entirely.

John grows a beard that grows down to his feet while his skin pales considerably. His clothes don't change at all though."Well at least our dessets aren't changing," he says."Although I have to admit, I'm not used to being this... weak."

Fay's breasts start melting while her voice deepens considerably."And I'm not used to these... feelings," she says."Is this what you call hotness?" she asks sarcastically while rubbing her expanding bosom."Whatever this is, it's not good.

Fay and John melt into the floor like liquid, including the cave wall on which they were standing. Meanwhile, the rest of you just end up exhausted from the experience."Well, I guess we're not having fun," you say."What the hell just happened?"

"We got some sort of message through our dessstorts," Widget says.

> You say "Wait, who are you?"

"I'm Widget," he says."Daughter of Eliza and great-great-granddaughter of Elam."

"I see," you reply."But what do you want?"

"I wanted to know if you were the one who wiped out John and Fay,"

> You say "What? What are you talking about? I'm not the one who killed them!"

"No?" Widget says in a disappointed tone. "I thought it might be you."

"Why? Because I'm some sort of sadist who gets pleasure from killing others?"

"No! Because of this!" Widget pulls out a small scrap of parchment with a strange symbol on it."It was written by John before he died. He said that you would understand its significance.

Widget explains as it suddenly becomes day to night fast and her hair starts growing longer, but acts like everything is normal.


“What are you talking about?” Widget says, with her voice having become distorted. “My hair is completely fine!”


“Stop saying nonsense!” Widget says. “It’s not nighttime, it’s daytime!”

You look around and notice that the sun is shining brightly in a seemingly non-existent atmosphere.

You turn back and freak out: Widget has melted like chocolate!

You then pass out from freaking out.

You wake up in your room in the real world, except the color is washed out and your voice sounds like you were in a hallway, it echoes whenever you speak

> You say "I'm... back in my room? And why do I sound like I’m in a hallway?"

Yep, you're back in your room again, except this time everything sounds like it's in slow motion and the colors are duller than usual. Oddly, you sound normal though.

"Okay then-“ You say as your voice suddenly changes and starts sounding feminine

“WHAT THE FUCK?" You shout, shocked at your new voice. “WHY DO I SOUND LIKE A WOMAN?”

You notice that you now have short brown hair and bright red eyes.

> You say "Oh no..." You say, whimpering. “Please don't tell you that I’m now a woman...”

You continue, but suddenly you start glitching out.


You're now a white void with swirling colored lines within it. Then, the lines go haywire and start forming images which seem to be you screaming in terror before eventually just forming a single solid line which lasts for about half a second before disappearing altogether.

You become male again and your appearance goes back to the way it was before you changed gender.

"Ah... there we go..." You say, relieved that you are now back to normal. “I thought I was gonna be like that forever-“ You say, but your voice suddenly changes again and this time, it sounds low pitched


You now have slicked back black hair and thick eyebrows.

"Oh no..." You whimper. “Please... I don't want to die from old age...” You say as your voice suddenly becomes high pitched


Your skin has now turned a light blue color and you've been given large eyes. You feel like you're going to burst into tears any second now.

"NOW WHY IS MY SKIN LIGHT BLUE?" You yell, confused.

Suddenly, you age all the way up to a teenager.


Suddenly, the floor beneath you collapses. You scream as you fall into the dark void. You hear a distant laugh before everything turns to static and is lost forever.

You wake up in your room again, you're an adult again.

But this time, everything is black and white and sounds like it was recorded in the 1920s, along with a classical piano being played in the background.

"Hey! I’m an adult again!" You look at yourself. “But, why does it look like I’ve fallen through time to the 1920s?” You say, confused.

"And I could hear a piano being played outside my room!" You say, but nothing comes out of your mouth, it's been muted, like a YouTube video when you turn the volume off, followed by a 1920s text box used in silent films with the words you just said in the middle of it in white text, with the piano still being played

The box disappears and now you can speak again.

"Okay... um... that was fucking weird..." You say to yourself. "But why did the room turn black and white? And why am I unable to move?"

Suddenly, the piano stops playing

"Um... why did the piano stop playing?" You say, confused.

Your legs begin to tremble as your body feels heavy. Then, you fall down towards the ground. It's like you're on a conveyer belt. But as you fall down towards the floor, your body begins to glow white before bursting into flames and burning to a crisp.

You wake up in your room again, except everything is no longer black and white and doesn't sound like a 1920s film anymore, except everything is now in inverted rainbow colors. You're also no longer able to move. It's almost like your mind is still struggling to grasp what is going on right now, but your body is incapable of doing so and is instead left frozen in fear.

> You say "My god. Why can't you move?" You say. “And WHY DO I SOUND LIKE A DEMON?” You say, at your new voice."

Your voice now sounds deep and menacing along with being much higher pitched than before. Suddenly, you hear a booming voice coming from all directions "THIS IS THE DEMON OF GRIEF AND DESPAIR! KILL THE DEMON AND RELEASE YOUR SOUL!"

"Wait, WHAT?" You say as a man appears in front of you and decapitates you with his chains. "Nope, still not working..."

You wake up in your room again, except everything is now in psychedelic trippy colors. You still can't move. You do however notice there are three objects hovering above you. They are each staring at you and laughing maniacally. They are a jack-o-lantern with a tooth in it, a creepy grinning skeleton with a pick and a television with an image of yourself on it.


Suddenly, the television with yourself on it morphs into several other television screens with different images of yourself, these images begin yelling at you too "YOU GREEDY BASTARD! YOU ARE ALL MINE!"

This is too much for you to handle.

> You try to kill yourself to escape this nightmare.

You scream and punch yourself in the face repeatedly in an attempt to kill yourself.

> You tear your chest open and destroy your heart.

As soon as you punch yourself in the chest, blood spurts out like a fountain pen opening up on an index card. You stand motionless in confusion as your body begins shutting down. Everything goes black as your life ends right before you hit the floor.

A clone of you emerges out of your dead body. The original is cloned so many times that no one can tell the difference between them all except the naked eye. This particular clone is obese, has bad teeth and has the highest Blood-Sugar levels ever seen by medical science, hence why he is on multiple medication for his health issues.

He is named: "Nikocado Avocado"

You wake up in your room yet again, except everything is pitch black with white outline. Everything looks like they were drawn with a white crayon or white chalk

You can now move again. "What the hell just happened?" You think to yourself. "Am I dead? Why can I move again? And what the hell is going on?"

Then you notice your hands have turned into something grotesque that looks more like hooves with long sharp claws than hands.

> You say "WHAT THE FUCK?" You shout at your new hands. “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY HANDS?!” "

Now both of your arms have changed into something grotesque that looks more like flippers with long sharp nails than arms. “WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO MY BODY?” You shout in fear.

The transformation process continues. Now both of your legs have changed into something grotesque that looks more like fish with long sharp claws than legs. "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH MY BODY?!" You shout as more changes continue to take place. Now your tail has changed into something grotesque that looks more like a slug with long sharp teeth than a tail. Your entire body is now covered in a series of spikes and sharp teeth. You scream as this process continues to unfold and change every single part of your being into something grotesque and terrible to look at. You scream until there is nothing left to scream but a deep voice from the shadows "NO! YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE ME!" The lights return to normal and you find yourself paralyzed once again "But what just happened? Who said that? And why does my voice sound like that?"

Then the real nightmare begins...

> You get up and look at yourself.

You stare at yourself in the mirror and feel an uncontrollable urge to tear off your head and devour it like a vampire. Your reflection shows a horrible beast unlike anything you have ever seen before, far beyond human comprehension.

> You say "WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?" You gasp in shock. “AND WHAT HAPPENED TO MY VOICE?” You yell in your deep voice."

Your mouth has transformed into some sort of bestial horror never before seen by mankind. Long, sharp teeth poke out from between your lips, your jaws now resting on the ground and covered with saliva, resembling that of a feeding frenzy beast rather than a mammal or reptile.


With your new bestial appearance, you feel that you are now truly unrecognizable to everyone you know, let alone any potential love interests you may have had in the past. Even if they survive this, what will they do if they see what you have become?

"I can't let them see me like this...." You say. “They’re gonna think I’m an unknown creature and they’re gonna have me locked up by the local government.....” You whimper.

Your transformation has progressed to a point where you feel like you're ready to be put out of your misery. Your brain still works, but you feel strange and there is an overwhelming need to let out violent bursts of energy to relieve your feelings.

> You smash the mirror.

You smash the mirror with all your might and let out a maniacal laugh as shards of glass fly everywhere.

"Yes! Yes! Break it! Crush it! Mutilate it! Ravage it! Leave nothing behind!"

You suddenly start undergoing a second transformation, this time, it's painful.

"OH GREAT! NOT AGAIN!" You shout.

Once the transformation is over, you look down and see that you are still the same, except this time, your body now takes on a feminine body.

“What the-?” You say, but suddenly, you cover your mouth with your grotesque hands. Your voice has suddenly become feminine.

You have transformed into a monster girl! Now what will you do?

You're now at a crossroads of several possible paths you could go down...

> You have a huge meltdown over your new form.

This is beyond anything you could have imagined and quite frankly, you don't want it. You hate your new form and curse the day that you got cursed. Your outburst of curses causes a nearby statue to come to life and then another one, then another until hundreds of them are coming after you.


Suddenly, a man named Terry and Wario's giant floating disembodied head materialize in front of you.


“Mmmm....” says Terry. “Girl, that’s a nice ass you got there! Mind if I fuck it off for you?”


“OH FUCK NO!” You yell as you exit the bathroom and run down the hallway with the army of statues, Terry and Wario chasing after you.

You run into your bedroom, dive under your bed and hide. You then proceed to pull out a random toy from under your bed and start playing with it in order to avoid thinking about what's going on.

Suddenly, the toy comes to life in the style of Toy Story. You pull out another random toy, which comes to life in the style of Monster Inc. Then another, which comes to life in the style of Incredibles. Soon, every single toy under your bed is coming to life and start crawling all over you.

> You get out of bed and try to fight the army of statues, Terry and Wario.

You pull out another random toy and step onto your walkway to face the army of toys coming after you. The first thing they do is start attempting to smash your head in with their own.


Suddenly, all of the toys drop dead onto the ground, followed by the army of statues, Terry and Wario.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" You yell.

A disembodied booming voice says: “JUST KIDDING!”

The toys then start getting back up and attacking you once again. They smash you into the wall several times and even manage to rip off part of your arm before they eventually too drop dead on the floor.

"SOMEBODY STOP THIS!" yells a nearby PA system.

Suddenly, a train crashes into your house and runs you over, killing you instantly.

> You wake up in bed.

Waking up in bed, you look around and notice that everything is in shambles. Part of your ceiling is collapsed, there are holes in your walls and the entire house is filled with a faint smell of urine. You don't remember going to the bathroom though...

> You say "P U!" You say. “It smells like shit in here...”"

You're sick of smelling like crap, so you get up and head into the shower. After washing yourself off with some soap, you step out of the shower and look at yourself in the mirror.

Your reflection shows your face upside down.

"Haha..." You say, sarcastically. “Really funny...”

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” Your reflection suddenly yells.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” You yell, shocked that your reflection just spoke to you.

Suddenly, your reflection's arms and hands pop out of the mirror and start dragging you towards it.

> You shatter the mirror by kicking it, killing the reflection.

You grab a nearby hunk of broken mirror and hit your reflection repeatedly in the face until it's unrecognizable to anything but a skeleton outline of your former self. Afterward, you find that you are able to breathe normally again. It's very cold in the house too.

> You shatter the mirror by kicking it, killing the reflection.

Again, you grab a piece of broken mirror and hit it repeatedly in the face until it's unrecognizable to anything but a skeleton outline of your former self. Afterward, you find that you are able to breathe normally again. It's very cold in the house too.

> You suddenly break and fall apart like a stone statue.

As you lie dying on the ground from frost bite, your body starts turning to ice, shattering and breaking like a stone statue.

It suddenly cuts to static, like a TV screen, and it suddenly starts cutting to random fetish things on the internet, such as "Grow shrink", a 3D animated video depicting a young woman in a red dress growing while her breasts grow bigger, then she shrinks at the end, a woman inside a large white cube with her hair growing longer and longer until the entire room is filled to the brim with nothing but hair, Vore, Inflation, Pregnancy, Stuffing, Feet, Breast expansion, Butt expansion, Bimbo, Cartoon Inflation, Body Inflation, Diaper, Furry, Melting, etc. It keeps cutting to these different types of clips for a while before ending abruptly.

You wake up in your room.

> You get out of bed.

Waking up in bed, you look around and notice that everything is in shambles. Part of your ceiling is collapsed, there are holes in your walls and the entire house is filled with a faint smell of urine. You don't remember going to the bathroom though...

The house suddenly decays rapidly into nothing

> You say "WHAT THE FUCK?" "

A giant hand appears from underneath your bed and smashes through the floor sending wood and nails flying into the air. The hand pulls out a medium sized zombie wearing plaid overalls and chewed off legs having desperately tried to hide himself under your bed using only his feet.

> You kill the zombie.

Zombie falls on top of you and splatters all over you before starting to rot away. You get up and throw it out onto the lawn.

As you turn around, you notice what used to be your house is now little more than a smoking pile of rubble.

The rubble all merge together to form a gigantic humanoid creature sitting in a lotus position with its eyes closed and a peaceful smile on its face. A voice comes out of it's mouth:

"Please, I'm not your enemy. I'm just here looking for a little assistance."

> You run away from the entity, thinking it's gonna hurt you.

> You break out of the loop.

Waking up in your bed, what appears to be a zombie stares at you through your window for a moment before walking away back outside. This isn't really a problem since you left all your windows open before going to sleep.

You wake up in the Helluva Boss universe

"Oh no..." You say. “Now I'm totally fucked...”

You walk around the building, trying to avoid Blitzo or Loona. Seeing as you don't have anything better to do though, you might as well speak with them about why they've kidnapped you. However, as you approach the entrance to their headquarters, you see two large figures standing at the entryway blocking your path.

You sneak into the headquarters without getting caught, as well as destroying the security cameras inside the building.

The headquarters is empty save for two people. One is Liliana, who's laying on the floor and not doing anything. The other is Tomo, who's standing over her with his foot on her back, pinning her down.

You beat the living piss out Tomo. He's so weak from it that he breaks down crying about how he wants to die. The hell? This is the man who kidnapped you? He looks so pathetic that you feel bad about kicking his scrawny white rear.

Liliana gets up while rubbing her back.

Throw Tomo out of the building. He's obviously not fit to be around anymore," says You. "I'm also willing to give him another chance if he helps me get home."

"I'll give you a lift home for a small fee," Says Tomo, "

Tomo takes me home

You go up to the front door of your house, but when you open it, a spooky scary skeleton pops out, but you've had enough and you kill the skeleton by snapping it’s head off and stomping on it. After doing that, you step inside your house and find that everything is just as you left it. After checking all rooms upstairs and downstairs, you go into your room and find that Liliana is asleep in your bed.

"Why the fuck is she in my bed?" You whisper to yourself

You try to get Liliana out of your bed without waking her up and after failing three times, you succeed and get her out of bed. After carrying her downstairs, you place her on the sofa and wonder what you should do next. Then you remember... THE THING YOU'RE TRAVELLING FROM THE FUTURE TO WAIT FOR YOU!

You go to the thing you're traveling from the future

You open the hatch in the roof of the vehicle and climb up the ladder to enter the space capsule You put on your radiation suit (just in case) You take out your laptop (which has been working just fine in this time period despite being near nuclear waste) and look at

You accidentally go back in time to the Victorian era instead! Fortunately, you manage to fix things by talking to the crazy homeless man who lives in the area who was an expert on science in his day, which apparently means he knows every detail about space exploration of that time period.

You travel all the way to the year 4224 and find yourself in a post-apocalyptic area full of mutants. You're in the future though, so you're not really surprised by this. The biggest surprise is that this crazy man (who calls himself 8-Bit) knows exactly what you want to talk about because he was there!

You talk to the man about the mission for hours and hours until eventually one of your time-travel companions shows up.

You talk to your companion on what's going on while 8-Bit watches and listens intently. He claims his name is Alan but you never really take to him. While he tries to be friendly and talk with you, something about him just rubs you the wrong way. You can't put your finger on it though...

Anyways, your other companion says he's going to search the surrounding area while he waits for you to return since he thinks there might be a shelter full of survivors in the area or some ammo cache or something like that. He's been gone for quite some time and 8-BIT is getting impatient. He starts yelling at you saying he can't stand listening to more science talk because he gets bored so he wants you to hurry up and finish so he can get back to killing mutants.

"Okay" You say, "I'll tell him what's going on but please try not to listen in, this might get pretty technical and boring."

"Heard that before haven't I," says Alan, "You go ahead."

You tell Alan what's been happening in the world while you wait and how we've sent signals out before now but got no response. You explain about how we're trying again using the beacons but that we don't know what we'll encounter. You also tell him about our bases and how close we are to a cure for all our diseases.

"There's a cure for everything," says Alan.

Suddenly, everything's textures suddenly change into a red tinted image of a man, like a video game.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" You shout.

An eating noise is heard, and a fat man appears, holding a McDonalds bag.


"Hi guys!" The man says. “I am Nikocado Avocado!”

“Nikocado Avocado?” 8-BIT says. “Does that mean?” Suddenly, a look of realization appears on 8-BIT's face. “Oh no...” 8-BIT says, annoyed. “You’re that fat fuck from YouTube, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am!” Niko says, eating a cheeseburger. "And now that we've formally met, I’m going to tell you all about my world! Be prepared to feel utterly hopeless about your life situation, bitches!"

Alan shoots Niko in the head, killing him instantly.

You take his half eaten cheeseburger off the ground and eat it. It's good.

"Well," 8-BIT says, "We'll never get anything done now that we have to wait for fat slob's amusement."

"Eh..." You say. “He was a fat bastard and a manchild anyway...”

Suddenly, an alarm begins screeching from the basement. 8-BIT grumbles and goes to check what's going on.

You hear shouting followed by the sound of gunfire, then everything goes quiet for a moment. When 8-BIT returns, he has a troubled look on his face.

"It's bad," 8-BIT says. "I think they're all dead."

"Who?" You ask. "The others?"

"The mutants? Yeah... I think so.

Suddenly, an army of men tinted red emerge out of the basement and grab 8-BIT by the butt.


"W-what?" 8-BIT says. "Let me go!"

The mutants proceed to bite 8-BIT'S arms and legs off as he screams in pain before dying.

Suddenly, you spaz all over the place like a ragdoll from Garry's Mod on coke. Your vision blurs and turns black and white before stabilizing into an ultra-low resolution fuzziness. The world sounds distant and garbled before stabilizing into a strange noise that turns into a voice over IP connection to your mainframe computer located at CERN.

You have had enough of this shit and decide to fight the person playing the app and controlling the story.

You turn on God mode and kill all of the men who killed 8-BIT before noticing your surroundings. The office where you found the time capsule has been torn apart and turned into a battlefield of bloody carnage with three men dressed in red standing around you. Two of them have guns; the third has something that looks like a stick with a magnet at the end.

You fight the men in an epic intense battle. The first dies when his head gets blown off in mid sentence by a jet of flame. The second falls to his knees and keels over after being burned to a crisp. The third tries to run but is chased down and beaten to death with his own device.

Suddenly, the army of statues from earlier appear. One has its hands outstretched and the other has them performing coitus on a massive stone statue of a naked woman. In the middle of them stands your older brother, attempting to ram them both with his head.

Battle the statues and your older brother in a very intense battle. You win.

"Ah... how... interesting," your brother says. "You must be the kid who saved the world, huh? Cool! Glad you could help out!" He smiles and hugs you before looking at the three men who died in front of you.

Suddenly, Wario's giant floating disembodied head appears.


You and your brother battle Wario’s head in a very intense and brutal battle that takes place all over the battlefield you just left. After a long and grueling fight, you finally land a good solid punch directly on his noggin which causes his head to split in half from the sheer force of it, killing him instantly.

Suddenly, all of the sentient toys from earlier appear, as well as the demons and ghosts from earlier.

"THERE HE IS!" They yell. “GET HIM!”

They charge towards you and your brother, but luckily, you and your brother managed to fight them off in a violent and gruesome battle to the death.

Eventually, there are only two of you left. You find yourself staring each other in the eyes and raising your arms to attack. Before you do, you throw your last chew toy animal at your brother who catches it in the nick of time just in time to dodge your attack.

Suddenly, an-

The text box with the words being typed in was suddenly and abruptly shot to pieces by your brother.


The person playing A.I Dungeon controlling the story was shocked as an arm popped out of his screen and dragged him into the story.

"Well well well" You scoff. “Look at what we have here...”

“So, you are the person who keeps making weird shit happen and making my brother's life a living hell, eh?”

“Y-Yes...” He says. “Please don’t hurt me...”

“Well then...” Your brother says. “HOW ABOUT THIS THEN?” He yells as he suddenly picks the person up from his shirt while you start punching and roundhouse kicking him in his face so hard until he is all bloodied and bruised. And when he falls onto the ground, you and your brother start kicking him and beating the living daylights out of him.

"Now see here!" He screams while spitting out some blood.

"Nope!" You say, as you pull out your pistol, cock it, and aim it at him. "Don't even dare try to beg for mercy!"

"Any last words?" You say.

“I was just having fun...” He says, sobbing and coughing up blood.

“Too late! Goodbye!” You say as you pull the trigger.


The person's head explodes into blood, brain matter and skull fragments. The surrounding toys , which have been watching the entire time, shudder and begin shaking violently as they go into a state of minor chaos.

Your brother kills the toys with his machine gun, which he conveniently has stored on his back the entire time. The demon from earlier has taken cover behind some boxes nearby and hides when he sees your brother approach. The ghosts from earlier disappear completely. It's over... for now...

Your brother kills the demon first with a blast to his face and then with several bullets to his chest, killing him once and for all. The ghosts make a break for it immediately afterwards, but fail to get very far as your brother shoots them down with ease.

"Come on bro" You say. “Let's go home...”

“Yeah...” He says. “I’m glad that this nightmare is finally over...”

Suddenly, the ground starts rumbling.

"Uh..." Your brother says, scared.


Suddenly, a giant humanoid entity appears in the place of the person you just killed. The sky turns pitch black and flames spawn all over the place.

Your brother has had enough and tries to make a run for it, but fails as he forgets about the flames, causing him to burn to death until he is just a crisp skeleton. Meanwhile, you try to run away from the monster, which begins to chase after you. You are doomed.

It arrives shortly after to finish you off as it grabs you by the scruff like a helpless kitten and flings you against a wall, killing you instantly as you break into pieces.

"Ignorant fools..." The monster says. “They haven't learned that I can never die... I can never be killed... I can never be harmed in any way or shape or form... I... AM... IMMORTAL...! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”


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