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I was playing Roblox on a normal night on a normal day, I was playing a random place called "Sword Fighting" by "ʍ0u31p666" I wondered about his character. It looked like Telamon with bloodshot eyes. Anyway I started playing and some other guys were there, like "L3av3n0w98" and "T3ALM0N1SD3AD1337" Once again I thought "Cliches cliches." But I then bested "L3av3n0w98" at sword fighting and then the window closed. When I clicked on my profile my character looked like something. He wasn't steve. He was some formation of a distorted roblox and builderman merged together. The site then went hell red the next click and all the games were involved in hell and demons. It even included real pictures of the developers being slaughtered in a hellish way. My eyes might as well have been ripped out of my sockets. When I clicked on "Catalog" Every single item had blood and a message that looked like "ʇǝןɐɯou ıs pǝɐp" But it actually said "TELAMON IS DEAD" And another hat said "ROBLOX IS DEAD." It felt like hell had strucken against roblox. My last words were "Oh my god" then I felt a breath behind me. He whispered in my ear "Now Steve will die" And I felt something sharp in my back. The next time I opened my eyes I was in some sort of psychotic hospital, They said I had a major hallucination involving a game called "Roblox" they said Roblox had a major hack on it that caused this whole accident, And it was against me. I stayed in the hospital for a few weeks and they said I was ready to go. My family removed the computer from my bedroom and got me a new ACER laptop. Then everything was back to normal, Except the hacked roblox domain was "R0BL0X.hel" so thats why

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