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So the other week I was at the restaurant "TGI Fridays" for helping my grandma hook up some electrical appliances in her her as well as some other electronics into her new home. She was so excited and happy that the place was more "modern" as she said, she decided to take me out to eat. The only thing about her, is I cannot STAND her. She is so depressed and thinks she is better than everyone, not to mention she is very religious. She CONSTANTLY talks about religion.

But anyway, she nicely takes me to TGI Friday's and we order some special that only that particular TGI served. It was a greenish vegetable, almost looking like a green bean.. just a little more withered. As I go to eat my first bite, I look out the window. I see a Keebles truck (cookie truck), and the motto was

"Uncommonly Seen... Uncommonly Good..."

I look at the mascot next to the motto and see a jolly face... but something different... it seemed as if the face was evil, a dark presence inside of its eyes eating out my soul slowly. I put down the vegetable or whatever it was, and as I did, my grandma looked at me and said "These are deliciously good, I cannot believe you can't find these anywhere else.. are you going to eat one?" I denied and sat there, not eating a single bite. It was all normal except the management staff was staring us down... more me than my grandma. I never forgot one thing since then... we were the only ones there... I would have thought there was a lunch rush going through there but apparently not.

Well 2 weeks later my grandma passed away... from a deadly poison they said was caused by a plant that she digested around 2 weeks ago.

Since that night, I only think of the motto, laying in my bed, before I go to bed, I think:

"Uncommonly Seen... Uncommonly Good..."

and then slowly fall asleep with a smile.

Credited to DarkLegionXXX

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