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The beggining...It was a very boring day at school for no reason so i decided to throw a grenade and blame it on someone else.After i did it i ran away in slow motion to home just to find a really mysterious dark hallway filled with screeches of what seems to be lost souls trapped there for an eternity (or pancakes).I went in there because i want to. In the dark hallway...

I went in there,it was really really dark (no shit Sherlock!),i could barely see anything.Everything i hear in there was the screaming of:"Help!""Get me out of here!","WHO ATE THE LAST PIE", and "You did...". So i proceeded to exploring it just to find pies,pancakes,gold,insert random thing here.I was happy with what i got so i went back.But,as i was walking,i saw a shadow,it looked horrifying,wait,ITS GOING AFTER ME!Its a...HALF EATEN COOKIE?!I started running,for some reason,whatever speed i go,it becomes faster as i do,i thought i was doomed,but i got hungry so i ate it! And,PARTY AT MY HOUSE! Its for 2 reasons:i managed to survive and...THE SCHOOL BLEW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moral of the STOREH:Cookies are evil,especially half eaten and holding a shankening device and having an angry poorly drawn face.If you find a half eaten cookie thats holding a shankening device and having an angry poorly drawn face,call EVIL PATRIXXXXX. (his number 666-666-666-666-666-666-666-666-777)

Written by XtremeGamer297
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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