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Hi my name is david, you might have heard of me from that price is right episode where i was come on downed but got the rong price. i thought i wouldnt get anything but on my way out drew carry took me backstage and said i got a consolation prize. he gave me a vhs tape that had PRICE IS RIGHT scribbled on it. i asked him what it was but he was like dont watch it or you will be plinkoed in your sleep. i thought he was jokin so i took it home and popped it into my vhs

first all that showed up was static so i thought oh well its ok cause i got to talk to drew carry backstage even if it doesnt work. but then a title card appeared which had THE PRICE IS RIGHT. it looked the same as always except that the wheel had 666 on it instead of 100. i got really scared so i took a piss and came back

when the show started drew carry said welcome to the price is YOUR LIFE! (he shouted your life which is why i put it in caps) he was wearing sunglasses but he had bright red eyes that were shining thru them. then he said muhahahaha who is my next victim

then the announcer guy said COME ON DOWN BITCH and the camera panned to the audience and they were all bleeding hyperrealistic blood. they had black holes for eyes and were drooling blood. a lady stepped out of the audience and was walking down the isle like a zombie. she said no please dont! and drew said your already dead! which was true because her nametag said 'imdead'

he led the lady to the wheel and told her spin or i will eat you alive! she spun the wheel and it landed on 666. drew said OOH, MY FAVORITE! and two models popped out behind the curtain except they were skeletons and they eated her brain. i got so scared i threw up all over my tv and broke it.

that night i dreamed that i was falling down a hill and hitting a bunch of trees but i was actually in a giant plinko machine! and then i woke up and it was real life and now i am dead and writing this from the grave!

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