Taco Bell Lost Taco

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I was an intern at Taco Bell at one point, until this happened (P.S. this is not a creepypasta, it was real!) I got to taste new menu items before they came out. One time, they were going to put out a taco called the "Firey 666 Taco". The taco was said to have blood on it. Anyways, I put the meat on the griddle, put in on the taco shell, anf put on the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and blood. When I took my first bite, something strange was happening to me. I started to take a massive shit. I spent 24 hours in the bathroom. After my long bathroom trip, I continued on eating the taco. I managed to eat the whole thing without going to take a dump. But then, my skin started to turn purple and I was becoming evil. I started to see visions of a creepy Mexican dog. Then I quit my Taco Bell intern job. The end.

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