Tails is dead

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                                                 Tails is dead

Ok so I used to love sonic gamesthey were fun and got alittle boring sometimes. so one day idecided to playit on my ds but something was weird about it. the screen turned white with no sega but then it was normal by thattime i was a little creeped out soi called my brother. i restarted and everything was normal. "weird" i said.

i told him to stay incase anything happend so he did. i chose sonic 2 it's my favorite but then without touching it i automaticly chose file 1 and couldn't unstick the button apperently i had chosen file 1 and tails and sonic together. I was freaking out just a little and my brother wasn't scared he unstuck the button for me and handed it back. i asked him "should i stop playing?"  "no" my brother said so i played on. nothing weird happend after that so delano was about to leave but i said "Wait!" and he said "what?"    "look" i said scared there was a picture of the enemy i hopped on. it was hyper realistic blood puddle on the ground under it and tails kept glitching soi ran and tails was stuck so i ran all the way through green hill zone sweating like crazy.

when i got to the power plant thing it's text was all glitched and tails lost his tails. but he walked right ahead of me and a text popped up Save me please! he was about to walk in to the weird water. i was so scared i was paralized so my brother tookmy ds and stopped. it was to late. tails had jumped in but it was weird.. he made a splashing noise not from that game then slowly sank. my brother was getting a little scared so we decided to turn it off. when i clicked the off button it wouldn't work. i tried to stop playing but the game made a noise it sounded like "uh uh uh" I was no scared shetless. so i had to keep playingmy brother couldn't leave everytime he was about to it said "uh uh uh" in a tails voice. I was so so so scared but i had no choice but to play on. and this time i was back at green hill zone except it was night time i don't know how it was but it was and tails kept running ahead of me. then after 3 minutes of fright a text popped up: you didn't save me  I wanted to chuck my ds out thewindow at that point. then sonic all ofa sudden was at a funeral "what the hell is happening!?" sonic acted as ifhe heard me. Then a black and red text box appeared saying in big bold bloody print: TAILS  FUNERAL       

I was crying at how scared i was then a text box said: sonic... Sonic...SONIC...    my brother was flipping out a little bit now. the coffin was rattling now sonic started running then stopped the screen went black. there was a huge picture of corpse tails was now levitating and in drippy red letters a text box said : SONIC!!!

I SCREAMED while crying my eyes out my brother wasn't as scared untill it was hyper realistic and blood was were all the other people were. except sonic real blood came O U T of my ds and hit us both i was screaming until tails said in a demonic haxed voice.. SHUT UP!!      So i held my breath and sonic started running from tails but tails was slowly gaining speed so i held down the run button and they were the same speed but tails got faster than i could go and when he touched sonic fell in 2 pieces hyper realistic blood everywhere i barfed a bit after that and then they said in demonic voices: YOU DIDN'T SAVE US!     I threw my d.s. on the floor but a text appered do you want to see us? i could say yes or yes i tryed running out of my room and everytime i left my room it started screaming NO and UH UH UH by thenmy brother had had enough he said the right yes and there was an extremly gory and hyper realistic picture of tails with no skin and 2 blood realistic eyes. his heart was splateredon the floor squirting out blood then sonics picture was he was pink flesh with sonic exe eyes and one was missing and he wasn't smiling he didn't have a face it was all real blood and gore then i threw up again and so did my brother.

then the screen went black for a while so i eventually said "is.. is.. is . is itt ov-over?" then it jumpscared us with sonic exe ending with tails and sonic smiling dripping blood from there new eyeballs theye had stole from the other people then i threw my ds out the window and it broke so did the game.

3 yrs later i found it in a store all broken but the picture was different sonic and tails looked evil and scary like the did when i did it. i ran out ofthestore back home and never saw it again.

this story was dumb and stupid and has no purpose at all. i am sorryto waste your time.

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