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"I'll never forgive you! NEVER!" This is the last thing I heard before she left me. You wanna know who "She" is?

"She" is a game! My favorite game, to be precise. It was Team Fortress 2! I can tell you my story:

On a normal day, Friday the 13 to be exact, a Steam user called RedAngelDarkness666 invited me to be his Steam-friend!

I thought nothing bad would happened when I accepted the request, because i like to get friends! 5 seconds after I accepted the request, he/she wrote me a message:

"Hello, are you looking for an adventure?" it asked. I answered: "No, not today."

But before I could answer, it had sent me a link to a page with a simple URL address:

I asked: "What does this link do? I know that it was something to do with Team Fortress 2, but...", after sending that message, I didn't know what happened, but I heard very loud, pitched up scream!

I've heard the scream 3 times, and it always said: "JUST GO TO THIS LINK!" I wasn't so sure if I'd like to go on this link, but I just clicked on it!

Immediately after I clicked on it, I downloaded a WinRAR file called: Sounds. "Now I have this WinRAR file. What should I do with it?" I wrote.

"Go this folder path: D:/Steam/SteamApps/<your username>/Team Fortress 2/tf and overwrite your sound folder! NOW!" it sent.

So I did what it told me, not thinking of anything bad happening, and started TF2. I wanted to know what to do now but RedAngelDarkness666 wasn't in my friends list anymore!

I searched for him/her but never found it again, so I started a TF2 match in, the classic version of koth_nucleus, and I saw that something has changed...

The game was almost over, because the opponent team has almost taken the checkpoint. Normally, the announcer said: "The enemy team is near the last checkpoint!", or "Protect the last checkpoint!".

But no, there was nothing.... just silence! I spawned as a Spy and heard a loud scream that's almost as bad as Slenderman's, It destroyed my headset! It was so loud...

Then I heard the voice of a little girl. What she said was: "You've finally found me! I always wanted to take up contact with you! Please help me! People say I'm crazy..."

"Why would anyone say that?" I asked, not expecting an answer. But she answered: "I don't know... maybe because I killed alot of people... HAHAHAHAHA!"

"What the?!" I replied back. Suddenly, my character went up in flames! Luckily, I had taken out my Dead Ringer, so I wouldn't die so easily.

Than a box popped up which said: "You have lost connection to the server", so I searched for a new server, but only found one. TF2 is usually strong that it can accommodate up to 2000 servers.

The map of the server was: cp_deathsponsore! The server's name was "COMEHERE IWANTYOU", so I joined this only server left, and I was scared. Really scared...

I spawned as a Spy, and I could not even choose a character, but then I heard the voice of this little girl again: "Hello and thank you for coming back!"

"Why are you there? Who are you? Why can you hear or understand me?" I asked. "Well, everyone calls me "She", but I don't know my real name! You wanna know how I can hear you? Well..." she answered.

"HOW?" I asked, again. "Let's say it like this: you downloaded me! And I can control everything on your computer now!" she answered back.

"So I installed a hack, eh? Well, then I'm gonna uninstall you!" "NOOOOO! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO! DON'T FORGET THAT I CAN CONTROL YOUR PC!" She screamed

I closed TF2, started Avira Free Antivirus, and it removed "She" from the computer. 5 seconds before I deinstalled "She", I heard: "I'll never forgive you! NEVER!"

Then I heard a really loud cry, which made me so scared that I was hospitalized for two weeks... After this event happened, I barely even played TF2. Whenever I see a server with the name "COMEHERE, IWANTYOU" or "TF2DS", I get really scared and paranoid...

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