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What Cyborg looked like

One day, I was searching through Netflix, looking through the Catoon Network episodes to see a TTG episode I missed. I clicked on TTG, and somehow all of the recent episodes were on there. This was strange, because Netflix usually doesn't have recent episodes of anything. After watching the episode, I noticed there was another title I had not yet seen.

It was called "Happy Nappy Time" and the episode number was S0E0. It sounded pretty sucky, but I had nothing to do so I clicked it. The theme song was the same, but the title card was in a deep blood red, not the usual orange and pink Dunkin Donuts colors.

The episode started with Cyborg watching TV, but he looked different, he had black eyes with red irires. This was very scary, so of course I did what any other creepypasta viewer would do, went to the toilet and puked. I missed the toilet by quite a bit, but I didn't care. I would clean it up in the morning. I turned back to the TV. (yes, i spend hours in my bathroom watching tv) Robin entered the room, but he was different, his staff had a HEAD on it. This was nothing like the rest of the episodes. BLOOD ON A KID'S SHOW! . And the head was STARFIRE'S!!!

Then Robin goes to Cyborg's face and says You're next..." Cyborg is a robot, so I puked in the toilet again. My aim was better this time. But Cyborg defends himself by stabbing Robin in the d!ck. Raven comes over and had a super-ultra-very-mega-hyper realistic face that made Kay Perry roar. Then Cyborg pushed her into incoming traffic and she died of cancer.

The episode ends with Cyborg killing Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy's corspe. Cyborg turns to the fourth wall. He says "You're next...." and blood splatters on the tv screen, causing the episode to end. The credits were the same, which, was, actually, pretty funny. i was still very scared, and couldn't sleep for SEVEN WEEKS!!! Do you know how long that is??? Anyways, after the seven weeks, i asked the creators of Teen Titans Go to report the episode. They told us that the episode was made by a crazy men called "Bobby McGardan" who always liked gorey things. They fired him, and burned most of the episodes he made. They told me that they would give me life insturance because the episode was cursed. So today, I am a dead corspe in Heaven that is somehow able to get wi-fi and type this. Tomorrow, I'll go to Netflix, search "Teen Titans Go!", and see if it's gone. And so, remember this: Cyborg wants you.

Credited to Berryleaf and Booswithanger 

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