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If you think my encounter with the episode of Teletubbies called "Yuki Terumi" was bad, think again.

This next episode of Teletubbies I found was another crossover. This time, it was based on a PlayStation game called Infamous.

I wish I could explain to you what Infamous is, but I'm sure Google knows. Anyways, as I said, there's another lost episode of Teletubbies.


So I'm going to tell you the story.

It was January 10th, 2022. I was at home since I had a day off from work. I was watching The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part on my DVR through the cable box.

All of a sudden, my grandma came in and told me she has a surprise. The surprises were a copy of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for the Xbox 360 and another rare Teletubbies DVD.

The cover consisted of the Teletubbies in their poses for when they are saying "Uh-Oh!" from my point of view. They were also in front of a dark orange background.

The title of the DVD was "Teletubbies: Building A Barbecue And Other Stories".

"Wow, thank you so much!" I told my grandmother.

She then thanked me for thanking her and left while I said bye to her.

I decided to watch the DVD in my room since that was where my Xbox 360 was.

I inserted it into my Xbox and the DVD began.

The warning screen, ABC DVD and ABC for Kids logo appeared in a normal format.

I then got to the menu. The menu consisted of a picture of Tinky Winky, Dipsy and the pink spider sitting down while a trumpet was saying something.

The menu

Just to be honest, I didn't see the Barbecue episode, so it's a good thing I got the DVD of it.

Like with any Teletubbies lost episode DVD, the menu options were Play All, Episode Selection, ABC Weblink and Subtitles.

I pressed play on the DVD menu.

It played 4 episodes that were normal such as Building A Barbecue, Swimming with Stephanie, Swans and Josie's Pots.

Then after the 4th episode, the next episode began with a warning that said this:

"This lost episode of Teletubbies was made by Ted Morgann. It was also made to promote the game Infamous despite not being a kids game. It contains unnerving nature and blood that is not to be viewed by children. You have been warned."

"Wait, what? There's an episode centered around Infamous?" I questioned in my head.

The intro was normal. But after the Teletubbies ran off screen at the end of the intro and the trumpet rose up, the trumpet instead said:

"A PlayStation character is visiting Teletubbyland!"

A screenshot of the Sun Baby in front of the orange sky.

If I could guess correctly, it would be Cole MacGrath from Infamous since after all, that was what the episode's title was.

That was when something strange happened. When I saw the sun baby, the sky behind her was now in orange instead of the usual blue sky.

The first segment then finally began.

Dipsy was walking around in a field until he looked at the camera.

"Eh-Oh!" Dipsy said.

The narrator then spoke. "One day in Teletubbyland, the sky was a different color and Dipsy was wondering how it happened."

Dipsy continued his walk until he recognized what appeared to be Cole sleeping on what looked like some sort of bed but outdoors, only that there is no blanket or pillow.

A screenshot of Dipsy meeting Cole

"What's that?" Dipsy asked.

"It's a man. But you should keep quiet, it looks like he is trying to rest!" The narrator responded.

All of a sudden, the man resembling Cole began to wake up.

He was doing some groans and then Cole said, "Ugh, where am I? This isn't Empire City. It looks all flowery."

Dipsy then said "Eh-Oh!" to Cole.

"Who said that? Don't come close or I'll zap you!" Cole said.

Dipsy began whimpering in fear after he heard that.

Cole soon noticed this and said, "Hey, it's okay! I'm just a strange person around here!"

Dipsy then calmed down after he said that. And then Cole asked, "Can you tell me where I am? Cause I don't know what this place is!"

Then the narrator said, "You are in Teletubbyland, Cole!"

"Ah, I see!" Cole said. "So it's a childish land!"

Just then, Tinky Winky, Laa Laa and Po came out and saw Cole.

"Human!" Po said.

"Are these your friends Dipsy?" Cole asked to Dipsy.

"Special friends!" Dipsy replied.

I was confused on why Dipsy wasn't questioning the orange sky since it appeared.

All of a sudden, the windmill began spinning like it always would and the quartet said, "Uh-Oh!" like they always did.

Cole watched them run to the hill and then said, "Maybe there's some food back at that place with windows over there, because I'm getting hungry!"

A screenshot of Empire City through Po's stomach

Cole walked over to the teletubby house as it showed the Teletubbies going up the hill for the TV event.

Po was selected as the TV event showed a view of what appeared to be Empire City from Infamous at night.

Only that everything, especially the humans in the city were animated in the same style as the game.

Suddenly, 2 girls who appeared to be between the ages of 8-9 appeared on screen. They waved to the Teletubbies and said that they were visiting the toy store across the street. They went into the toy store and saw a good collection of toys.

When they got out of the store, they went over to what looked like the ocean. As they saw the water, a damaged police car and damaged taxi dropped behind them. The appearance of the damaged vehicles had a loud boom to it. The 2 girls jumped and screamed when they heard it.

I jumped too because of how loud the sound was.

That's when I saw what appeared to be the reapers. They had their usual outfits as seen in the first Infamous game. The girls ran away from the sight of it as the reapers began chasing after them.
A screenshot of the reapers scaring the girls
After 15 seconds of running, the reapers finally began to shoot at the girls. What made this scene more disturbing was that the girls made blood curdling screams as I could see that they were bleeding.

Instead of showing the Teletubbies being scared, it showed the sun baby as the screams of the girls and TV event faded out. The sun baby was dead silent like in that other lost episode of Teletubbies I saw.

Then the 2nd segment began as it showed a shot of the Teletubbies house with the sky back to normal.

It went to the inside of the Teletubby house with only Cole inside.

The narrator said, "One day in Teletubbyland, Cole was looking around."

He was seeing how everything works in the house. He went over to the window and saw that the Teletubbies were playing a game of tag.

"I bet those guys are having their fun!" Cole said.

Cole then walked over to the Tubby Toaster and began looking at the design of the toaster.

Just then, he looked at the camera while asking the narrator, "How does this weird toaster work?"

The narrator responded with, "There's a button on the right."

"Thanks!" Cole said as he saluted.

He pushed the button on the toaster and the toaster began showing 5 lights as usual and 4 pieces of toast came out. He took the toast to the table and began sitting down to eat. After he finished eating, he got up to stretch his legs more. As he walked outside, he looked at the Bad Karma poster.

The Bad Karma poster is what Cole sees in the first Infamous game whether he wants to be evil or not.

A screenshot of Cole looking at the poster in silence as the background turns to black.

All of a sudden, Cole began to gasp as the background faded to a black color and the screen began to zoom up to Cole's face.

The Teletubbies would soon notice this and Po asked, "What's wrong?"

Cole then said, "Guys, I've got a problem. If you see that poster right there, every time I look at it, Sasha always comes and makes me evil."

The narrator asked, "Who's Sasha?"

Cole looked at the camera and said, "Sasha is a boss I fought back in my hometown, and she's likely the reason for my evil side."

Just then, a piece of black tar appeared from out of the ground and Sasha began rising up.

"Oh no, it's her!" Cole shouted.

A screenshot of Sasha arriving in Teletubbyland

"Hey there Mister MacGrath, you made a terrible mistake! And now you are going to regret it." Sasha said to Cole.

Cole tried to apologize but it was too late. Sasha pushed him and Cole fell to the ground.

Sasha then began to bio leech Cole and something disturbing happened. Cole had gone to the evil side. Somehow, I felt like this episode wasn't focusing on the Teletubbies that much.

All of a sudden, Cole said, "Sorry Teletubbies, but the good side is gone now. Now you all should die!"

The Teletubbies ran over to their house to take shelter.

"Now Cole, go after them." Sasha told Cole.

"Yes mam!" Cole replied.

The Teletubbies were hiding next to the Tubby Toaster. Suddenly, Cole broke the window that was in front of the table.

Cole then said, "You guys think you can hide from me?"

"Run away!" The quartet said.

The Teletubbies then ran to the entrance of the Teletubby house.

Tinky Winky came out first, but Cole suddenly appeared next to Tinky Winky and charged at him.

A screenshot of Evil Cole charging at Tinky Winky

Tinky Winky fell to the ground landing on his stomach for some reason. Cole began to restrain him. Tinky Winky shouted "Help!" about 3 times. Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po watched in horror.

"Who's next?" Cole said to the trio.

"Actually, I'll just blast you all instead!" Cole said before he evilly laughed.

He then made a shockwave and Dipsy and the rest of the gang fell down. Cole then did the same thing that Sasha did to him which was bio leeching.

Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po were dead along with Noo Noo who had just been exploded by Cole's electric shooting.

"Sayonara colored alien things!" Cole said while he ran away from the scene.

Just then, the Tubby bye bye scene came in. As soon as the voice trumpet rose up, it didn't say "Time for tubby bye bye!" like it always did, it instead said a quote from one of the Infamous games.

The trumpet said, "We're all looking for a peaceful and safe place, but maybe there is no safe place. But we keep going no matter what's waiting for us down the road. We don't stop living."

During this scene, the sun baby could be heard crying similar to the other lost episode of Teletubbies called "Galactic Battles".

It then showed the top of the Teletubby house as Evil Cole walked into the view and looked at the camera. He then said, "I have done what I came to do. Good bye for now!"

He jumped into the hole as the credits scrolled on screen. The sun baby still kept crying as she began to set.

After the credits, the Ragdoll productions logo appeared, but the background was colored blue.

Evil Cole at the ABC DVD logo

It then displayed the ABC DVD logo that was red tinted. Evil Cole was seen on the left instead of having his head shown like on some other lost episodes of Teletubbies I've read.

The ABC for Kids logo was shown, but before the bee could make the ABC Lissajous curve, he was zapped by electricity.

It then faded to black. It stayed like this for about 10 seconds.

Before I hit the eject button on the Xbox, it displayed one more thing.

Evil Cole's jumpscare at the end of the DVD.

It was an edited picture of Evil Cole from PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.

His appearance was from his Level 3 power cutscene where he becomes the beast.

However, rather than his eyes being white, his eyes were instead black with no pupils and he had blood drooling from his mouth.

In the background was a slow, loud and distorted version of the scream from the Halloween variant of the Gracie Films logo along with the gut wrenching/Howie scream.

Those screams along with the picture scared the daylights out of me.

It then took me back to the menu. I was in so much anger believing that Ted Morgann would be responsible for making that episode.

I took the DVD out of my Xbox and told my grandmother about the DVD. She said that instead of smashing the DVD, she would keep it to know who was responsible for making that abomination.

My advice is to never find a rare Teletubbies DVD, cause who knows? There just might be a lost episode lurking on it.

The End.

Credited to Dave1995 

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