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You know that feeling you get when you think your being watched well it's not just a feeling it's the..things they stalk you every day of every year.You cant see them though you may not be worried but they are vicious they try to kill you every chance they get.But the feeling stops them because you feel their presence. And remember whenever you think your being watched......just hope your..feeling saves your life because they will get you someday.Just hope that day isn't soon.Fact something is sneaking up on you right now don't bother turning around though..because it's already to late

U have died

Something suddenly comes out from nowhere! A sudden searing, fiery feeling in your neck, then very, very damp and warm pain comes at your throat. Only then do you realize a knife has been driven in to your neck killing you in seconds, as it cut through the major veins and the windpipe. Blood continued to pour all over, making a mess of everything.

I dunno what that was though.

This was here, so I do believe that it would be kind of me to point out to you...

Your webcam is still on.  (◡‿◡✿) I know what you've done.

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