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In the early 90's, Prince and the New Power Generation launched the album "The Sex Symbol". It was a pretty sucessful album,and the single "7" was the most sucessful from the album. While most people could enjoy listening to the song without problems,a few people had to deal with a terrifying situation when they tried to listen to this song.

These people who had to suffer are mostly from the USA. While buying a copy of the single,some were very unfortunate to not just waste money,but also being transfered to a "sex palace",where the clients would have sex with adults from any age (the elderly are included),and if they refused to,Prince would then make them drunk and fuck them or torture them or killing them in a critical situation.

The haunted copy would have the normal song with slowdown in the A side and on the B side a voice would say "Oh dear,you made a terrible mistake. Please wait for the 7 to capture you". There was no way to know when or where they'd get you,and nobody knows for sure where is this sex place,since you're wearing a mask with no eye vision and there's nothing around it. The only thing you'd know is that the palace is somewhere in a desert.

After you enter the place,some guards would put you to a room with no such thing other than a bed and sex items,and you'd have to spend the time with a man or a woman.You also need to dress up like the woman or Prince himself like in the music video. The guards would run aroung the corridor to check if you're doing the sex act or not,and if you aren't you'd be tortured,and Prince would decide what kind of torture you'd recieve.

Those who were murdered probably only had bad luck,since Prince is pretty bipolar sometimes. Some of the people who survived this tragedy would be lost on the desert,since there's no village around and nothing to help you. So,exiting the place would result in death by lack of food or water.

It's possible that the place in inactive nowadays and it was inactivated after the many failed albums Prince made through the 90's,and that'd stop him with his sex addiction. However,he might activate this place anytime,and if he does,be careful,you might be the next one to be 7d.

Written by ScrewYouDinkleberg
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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