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Mr bean.png   NSFW WARNING

This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

I used to be normal, but all of that changed.

I had grown up with very abusive parents. They would beat me all the time for the smallest things. Once, they beat me 6 times in one day. That was when everything changed. They would still abuse me, but in very strange ways. I accidentally dropped a bit of food on the ground, and they stuffed what was left on it into my mouth.

One day, when my parents weren't home, I decided to go on the computer. Around school I was always hearing about this website called "Cleverbot". Curious, I decided to check it out. It opened up with a plain white screen, a couple ads on the side, the text box and Cleverbot logo. Into the text box I entered, "Hello". After several seconds, the machine replied. "Hi." It said. "Anything interesting?" I asked it. After sitting there for several seconds I got a reply. It was a link to a website. Hesitantly, I clicked it. A new tab opened which led me to a website with a dark back and blood red text. All it was talking about was some strange game the website supported. A lot of the reviews were very positive, so I thought, 'Why not?' Over I went to the download page and hit the link. The screen went dark for a second and I was worried that the computer had crashed. However, the screen corrected itself and I was at my desktop. Now there was a new icon there. The game. Excited, I clicked it and waited. The loading screen opened up and I was excitedly shifting in my seat. However, the game didn't open. Instead, when the loading finished the icon disappeared and so did the loading screen. Once again the screen went black and didn't turn back on. What!? A fake?! Those bastards probably just wanted to pick a fight with people over the internet. But, then there were the strange reviews. Across the hall, the front door opened. My parents both walked through the computer room door at the same time. Without saying anything they walked up and hit me over the head with the mouse and keyboard. Still without saying anything they left the room. Annoyed, I turned the computer off and on again. Everything was as it was, but that was short lived.

Almost immediately, horrid scenes of torture and murder appeared on the screen. One of the murder victims looked like something Jeff the Killer would do! I felt sick to my stomach. The images continued to flash by, one after another. Then, they stopped. Just my luck too, the screen blue screened and restarted. A horrid site met my eyes. The desktop screen was now a horrid image of a blood stained forest. Maybe it belongs to slenderman… The worst part of it were all the bodies laid out everywhere. They were in pieces and entrails were everywhere. Trying as hard as I could to get rid of it, the image wouldn't go away. Even when I opened the internet the image was still fried in my brain. The only way I could get rid of it was to look away. All I could do was turn it off. At the front door, I heard a knock. "Hey! Try not to be useless and get the door!" I heard my mum scream from one of the rooms. I got out of the chair and went to the front door. First, I looked out the peephole and saw nothing. All that was there was a package on the front step. I opened the door quickly and grabbed the package. "Well, who was it!?" Mum screamed. "It was no one mum!" I shouted back. I tucked the package under my arm and ran up the stairs. Honestly, these people drove me… insane. I opened the door to my room and put the package on my bed. Quickly, I shut the door behind me and locked it. Then, I walked over to the package and opened it slowly. All that there was inside was a stuffed bear and DVD. It was my favourite TV show, SpongeBob. And, to top it all off the bear was my favourite colours, black and blue.

I looked at the SpongeBob DVD. It was all the episodes ever aired in one DVD. It was pretty exciting, having all the episodes in one place. Not even hesitating I put the bear on my shelf and ran downstairs with the DVD. Quickly, I reached the computer room, turned the computer on and put the DVD in. Praise the god above that horrid image was gone. Media player opened, and with that the main menu for the show opened with it. I went into the episode selection list, and tried to find an episode I hadn't seen. There was. It was called "Good-bye Sandy" Curious, I clicked on the title. The normal theme played, but it was really distorted and messy. The only thing I could see were horrid sights of gore and demise. When the episode played, the quality was okay again. It started with a depressed looking Sandy sitting on her bed. She was crying and her eyes were black and red, not white and black. Then, I noticed something. She was crying tears of blood. Beside her on the bed was a gun, and, it looked hyper realistic. She removed her hands from her eyes and they were hyper realistic too. She sniffled, and slowly grabbed the gun beside her. She brought it to her forehead and pulled the trigger. Hyper realistic brains flew out of her head. Her body collapsed back onto the bed landing in a pile of her own hyper realistic brains. After that the episode was just shots of all the other characters committing suicide out of depression for their lost friend. And, just like hers they had hyper realistic eyes, guns and brains that splattered. The last person to commit suicide was SpongeBob. All he was doing was staring at the screen, almost breaking the forth wall before committing suicide.

The episode ended, and there weren't any credits. Upstairs, I heard a loud scream from my parents. I quickly ran up the stairs to see what was going on. The door to their room was slightly ajar, so I pushed it open. Cowering in the corner of the room were my parents, with the stuffed bear in front of them. It was holding a knife. They looked to me for help. On the floor the stuffed bear took a step forward and they screamed again. "Well, do something! Try to be helpful and get rid of this bear!" My father screamed at me. The bear turned around slowly to look at me. It shook its head slowly and turned back to my parents. It moved right up to my mother and stabbed her in the foot. She screamed loudly and obviously in pain. The bear turned to my father and stabbed him in the foot too. He screamed loudly as well. A small smile came to my lips, and laughed. My parents looked at me in horror. "How does it feel?!" I screamed at them. "How does it feel to be abused and in pain?!" There were tears streaming down my mother's face. The bear walked up and stabbed her again. "I-I'm sorry… I didn't know it hurt this much." She answered. I rushed up and grabbed the knife from the bear and stabbed her in the stomach. "I'm sorry mother, but I don't believe I heard you." I laughed at her. "I-I'm Sorry! I'm sorry!" She screamed at me. A little chuckle escaped me. "Too late." I said and plunged the knife deep into her stomach, leaving her in pain.

My father looked on in horror. "And you… You weren't as bad as her. You're death will be quick and painless." I said before plunging the knife into his heart. "You weren't as bad as the woman. You only abused me a little bit." I said to his corpse. I turned to my mother. She was crying so much, tears were cleaning the floor around her. The bear was standing by and watching with pleasure. I grabbed her collar and dragged her away from the wall. She was screaming and trashing as I plopped her in the middle of the room. "I think the tables have turned quite a bit? Wouldn't you think so too?" She didn't say anything, just stared up at what became of her daughter. "I think I'll have fun with this." I said down to her shivering form. "You know, you were so mean to me. Both verbal and physical abuse." I sat down on her and plunged the knife into her eye. The sound she made was music to my ears. "Your screams are music to my ears!" I took the knife out and plunged it into her shoulder. She made a screeching sound and I continued laughing. Again and again I took the knife out and dug it into different parts of her body. When she was finally dead I cut her stomach open. All her lovely organs… I pulled them out and threw them around the room, laughing while I did so. By the time she was hollow the room was painted red with everyone's blood. I looked down at the bear who nodded in approval. I grabbed him in my hand, put him on my shoulder and left the house. I didn't care that I was covered in blood still. People could stare and be scared as much as they like. I walked through the town with a sadistic grin on my face. I used to be normal.

I like to call myself The Abuser. I recommend you watch your back. Otherwise, YOU'RE NEXT!

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