The Amazing Stinger

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Everyone has gotten stung by a bee right? Unpleasant isn't it? Ouch! Even a bee itself is kinda frightening, and its hard not to shoo them away! However, if you are lucky they won't bother you, but if you mess with them, prepare to get stung!

But there is another yellow jacket in this world, a big one. The size of a football. A stinger as big as a kitchen knife. Buzzing very loudly and by your ear all the time. A killer known as THE AMAZING STINGER!!!!

These amazing pure yellow killers fly in swarms at 50 mph, and have stingers that they plunge into your chest. They sting you even for no reason at all. Did I mention they also shoot darts as stingers? Ouch!

A young girl was in her backyard, when out of nowhere. She hears loud buzzing. But she was no match for the amazing stingers. They were all over her face. Stabbing her with their stingers as she laid on the ground bleeding and left for dead. The bees took off to find their next victim... Be aware that if you hear loud buzzing. It might be the end for you. The amazing stingers will never die.

They are the reason we are slowly becoming extinct. STAY SAFE!

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