You'll Never Eat Chicken Again

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This was originally posted on an old GeoCities site, as a parody of chain-mail letters.

The man had a craving for chicken that night, so he and his girlfriend left the dormitory to find a KFC. But instead they found a little chicken shop at the edge of town that they had never heard of before.

Of course they were nervous, there were no Department of Health certificates on the walls and you couldn't see the kitchen. They ordered a bucket of Extra Crispy Chicken and left.

They got back to their dorm room just to find the janitor on her bed eating something strange they couldn't recognize that was in a bucket very similar to theirs. He seen them when they turned on the light and fled like a cockroach saying only, "You'll never eat chicken AGAIN!!!" They opened the top of the bucket only to find a.........

!!!!!!!!!BLOODY HUMAN SKULL!!!!!!!!!!!

So they ate it and thought, hmmmmm, this is good, I'll never eat chicken again.

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