The Ball Pit

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A mother took her eager 3 year old son to a fast food restaurant for lunch. The boy finished his lunch quickly and asked his mom if he could go play in the play area. The restaurant had a special little play area at the side with some tunnels, a slide and a ball pit for kids, filled with plastic balls.

She watched as the boy crawled through the tunnels, went down the slide and jumped into the ball pit. He jumped up and down on the brightly colored balls, dove into them and burrowed down under them.

The boy had been playing for about 10 minutes when, all of a sudden, he stopped and began to cry loudly. The mother rushed to her son, picked him up and asked him what was wrong. The little boy just wailed and pointed to his butt. His mother pulled down his pants and saw two little red marks on one of his butt cheeks. She thought he must have just sat on something sharp, but just to be sure, she took him to the hospital.

A doctor examined the little boy in the emergency room and told the mother that the marks on her son's butt were a snake bite. The doctor gave the boy an antidote for the snake poison and kept him in hospital overnight for observation.

The next day, the boy's mother returned to the fast food restaurant to complain. She approached the counter and shouted at one of the teenagers who worked there.

"My son was bitten by a snake in your ball pit," the woman screamed.

"You should count yourself lucky, lady," said the teenager. "A kid got eaten by a shark in there last week."

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