The Best Episode of Rick and Morty

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Morty stands in the bathroom combing his hair

crowd is already chuckling, some know something crazy's about to happen

Rick's voice is heard screaming "Hey Morty come to the garage"

the first people start to laugh uncontrollably, the episode is already automatically rated a 10/10 on imdb

"are you invisible and y-you're gonna like fart on me?"

the whole crowd is roaring, people are lying on the ground unable to breathe, some start undressing

"flip the pickle over Morty"

people start fucking each other like animals, four people shoot themselves because they couldn't take the amount of wit and humor


half of the crowd instantly melts into a bloody mess, the ones surviving have their ear canals destroyed and eyes popped out of their sockets

The oscars announce they are now officially obsolete, as this scene will win every rubric for this year and all the years to come, the president schedules a press conference for the people still remaining in which he declares the flag to be changed to a pickle and the national anthem changed to the show's intro song

Peace treaties are being made because the biggest reason anyone should fight over has been given to all peoples simultaneously, and the world's scientists can unite to research together towards a better future.

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