The Big Boy

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So to start us off, this is completely true in every way, so don't, just don't.

Anyways... It all started about a few weeks ago, Usually I didn't really care because my bed was on the other side of the room. But I got bored and moved my bed next to my shelves and my PC. I have my new TV in the front part of my room next to the door. (Not that it matters, just saying) Anyway so I'm laying in bed, and my house is kinda old, so I hear cracks and pops ever so often and I don't think nothing about it.

Until this time... This time was different I looked over to my left and I saw my little "Big Boy" money bank. It's about the size of a water bottle. As I'm sitting in bed on "iFunny:)", an app for iPhones etc. I see it completely turned around, I don't remember moving him like that so I made him face the right side again, That's where all the problems started. At night I would turn over, and I swear I saw his eyes moving on me, but I don't know.


Well, nothing too much happened the second night until about 2 A.M. when my closet door started to creak and open, knowing I got scared, jumped the fuck out of my bed, and ran to my parents room and said there was something in my room. When we came back, the door was closed and then I saw that "Big Boy" was turned around again so I told my parents that he kept spinning around forward and back when I wasn't in the room. They didn't believe me and called my silly and told me to go back to bed, Of course I couldn't go back in there so I slept in the living room with my grandma.


Nothing serious happened until this night, I was in the living room watching TV and I hear a huge BANG! That came from my room I went in there to find one of my shelves had fallen down, The one that him on it. It's not even alive I don't know why I'm calling and entity a him I'M GOING FUCKING CRAZY I SCREAMED! my parents took it way too seriously and they took me to a doctor to get me checked out.


Woke up and went to the doctor, he said to my parents whispering like I couldn't hear him, "I think you should take him to a shrink."

I went home and threw that doll in the trash and my parents were taking off my door

I asked why and they said if I acted better, I could have it back.

I walked in and saw that my dad put my shelf back up. I jumped in bed and hit my head on something hard, something cold, something cold inside. I screamed and went and grabbed him and got a knife from the sink and started to cut and grind the knife against its neck and I didn't stop until its head was off my parents were watching horrified as I cut my little brother's (He's a baby) head, clean off.


Now I'm in a nut house, and they let me go because they said I was crazy.

It's worse than jail, I would rather be raped, than poked with four needles and pills everyday. I'm not even human anymore, I'm a zombie. I'm drugged out of my mind, and I can't sleep anymore. Maybe I'll get two to three hours if I'm lucky. I keep thinking about that night, why does this always happen to good people like me, I did nothing to deserve this.


I'm dead now. Mom, Dad, I miss you. Alex, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, please forgive me, I'm escaping tonight, goodbye. Oh wait by the way YOU'RE NEXT.

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