The Black-Nectar Butterfly

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Hello, I am a butterflyiologest. I study butterflies. I am a professional in the field of butterflies.

There are many species of butterfly, such as the Butterfree of the Kanto region and the I Can't Believe it's Not Butterfly of the dairy isle. During my travels to South America, I came across a new specie of the marvelous creature. It had dark red, purple and pink wings. It's body was black and it had a big, sharp tooth smile with large red eyes. It was abnormally large. About 4 feet said my measurements.

I watched its eating patterns and noticed it only ate from the darkest of black roses. I cleverly named it the Black-Nectar Butterfly. I snapped many photos from afar but there was always this sort of reddish haze in the photo if the creature was looking this way.

No matter what, the thing always smiles.

One day I found several of my assistants dead in my tent. It seems that something drank every last drop of their blood because they were as shriveled as a raisin. I chose not to leave my studies and more and more of my people died.

One day I found the creature sitting atop my work table and underneath was my wife. I saw that it had blood dripping from it's mouth. I thought nothing of it and continued my studies.

After one fine dinner of roasted Wife, I heard on the radio that a whole African village had died of unknown causes. That day I had not see my little butterfly friend. It was then I realized that, after 6 months, I had not encountered another one of its kind.

One month had past before I saw my little friend. Everyday the radio brought about more news of deaths within the continent. The final broadcast I heard stated that humans ceased to exist in Africa. Then the host shouted something and all I picked up after that was static. Was every human killed? But how? Why? By whom? I ignored the haunting broadcast to commence my research.

The following week my supplies came ashore. The men on it were dead. Death was by the same means as everyone else. I thought of contacting the officials, but I figured they would only want the bodies back and I would much rather keep them. Roasted human is quite the dish.

3 days later I saw my friend again. It had grown 1,000 times its original size. It's mouth was covered by hyper-realistic blood. It's teeth were blood stained and it's wings were hyper-realistically torn, as if it had been fighting, with blood drips on them. The 4,000 foot giant tried to kill me. It jabbed with its antenna but I quickly did a barrel roll. I got an arrow to the knee, but I was alright. I narrowly escaped to the shore and swam all the way to Russia. They captured me and now, for trespassing, I will be put to death by multiple gunshots.

I am writing this because I need the world to look out for this thing. It will kill us all.

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