The Blood Written Words

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Today is the 8th of December 2012 and this is my story leading up to this point, I Fear I Have to Write this down as What occurs next may be the end of me.

Every night, the same routine occurred, I Would turn off my laptop, sneak into my bedroom and go to sleep, in the morning I would go to work, return home and go onto the laptop as if on an everlasting loop of boredom, I didn't get out much and my house hasn't seen anyone but me for years. I always did my shopping on the Saturday of every week as I was not at work on that day and it was the most convenient, Every Saturday it seemed I would return home to an empty house with the same Food and Drinks as the week before it was always Milk, Cereal, Toilet Roll, Pasta and Cheap pizza, Sometimes I Would spoil myself bring home some ice-cream or something, this week I decided I wanted Potato Chips, no reason in particular, just to pig out and get fat, the usual. I put my things away and did what any other geek would do, I headed straight for the laptop, Turned it on and went on an everlasting quest of websites and gaming that would not end or be put on hold unless I felt the need to cook up some pasta or pizza.

It was around the time 1am when it started to become creepy, I heard a door creek open and then slowly shut again, I wasn't the bravest of all men and from that sound I refused to get up until my mind went into all possibilities of what it could be, I Slowly arose from my chair and Tip Toed slowly the door which lead out into the hallway, My hallway was pretty empty except a path to another room, a closet and the front door, I  slowly stepped out into it, and crept ever so slowly to the door as if each step was one to my death, I Tip Toed to the front door as if getting slower by each step, I placed my now Goosebumps ridden hand onto the handle of my front door and turned the handle, Slowly, I opened the door and looked both directions outside, There was nothing there but I still felt as if some source of fear was in my presence, But with no factual evidence I shut my laptop and seemingly Sprinted up stairs as if a ghost was in my presence chasing me, I jumped into my bed and pulled the cover over my head, My eyes began to close as I head a door creek open again, at this time I was starting to believe it was some effect of the wind that In the past I had not noticed... CRUNCH, "What was that" I thought to myself, I couldn't bring myself to investigate, I had already had enough of that today, my heart was beating fast but I couldn't do it, It was probably my imagination or just a noise from a heater or something, That's what they usually say it is.

The next morning I awoke, I went downstairs and forgot all about the experience I felt last night before I went to sleep, I pulled out the cereal I had bought from the store last night, It felt emptier yet it had not been opened yet, I just though the brand may have just been cheap and  had drained at least ¼ of the boxes out before shipping them to stores, Still I made myself a bowl and ate, I Had to go to work not long after, I Only had time to get changed and Brush my teeth, and then I left, That day at work it was especially weird, I work at a Store, I Was manager of it, it was a pretty boring job with not a lot happening except the odd complaint by an anger ridden customer, But today, It seemed empty, Half of the staff members were off sick, as if all of them had caught a deadly flu of some sort, and There was almost no customers today, We were open, yet it seemed as if we were closed with the amount of business, Even the truck drivers, the people who bring our stock did not show, I Took no notice and hoped that the mess would clear itself up tomorrow, My shift ended and I Returned home, Again for my daily routine of Playing on my laptop and going to bed, As my mind began to remember the event that occurred yesterday, The Door creeks and the CRUNCH, I Couldn't forget this time, No matter how hard I tried.

It was 9pm, And I decided that I was hungry, Instead of going for the Pasta or Pizza like I usually would I remembered the potato chips and really felt like some, I went to get the packet, yet... And this is where it got really weird, The packet was open, And it seemed as if half of the content was  gone, eaten, I didn't recall opening it, I must of, I mean, What else could have happened? At that time the puzzle didn't piece together in my mind, I could not remember the crunch, Oh, How I wish I remembered the crunch, I Took the chips and hardly thought anything of it, Ate most of them and placed them into my food drawer, I Needed to go toilet, As everyone does, But the weird got even weirder as when I got there Most of the toilet roll had been gone, Similar to the potato chips, I wondered if I was some sort of serious Sleep walker, I got freaked out, but Again I ignored it, went downstairs played my laptop until about 1am and went back to bed...  The door creaked.

December 7th was the day after that, Yesterday, The day before I Am writing this, I Woke up with all of the past event occurring in my head, I was freaked out, even in the bright sunlight, I Decided there was one thing to do, as I could not get the guts to investigate myself the noises and the events, I put up cameras, all around the house, Connected wirelessly to my laptop to broadcast and save the events onto them, I Turned them on, And went to work.. Today at work it was the same but even weirder Only a quarter of the staff arrived, Yet this time the store was full, Fuller then it had ever been before, It was a nightmare, The day went by slowly until it turned Six and I was able to leave, I Went home, Got onto my laptop and the same process has before had occurred, This time the potato chips bag was empty, And The Toilet roll has completely disappeared, Was this a sick joke? What was happening, I Told myself that I would Check the camera's, Not on that day, On this day and Everything occurred again the noises at night time, The shortage at work, The Lack of a food item or anything, And that brought me to Today, 2 hours ago, I Decided to check my Laptop from the video footage, It appeared everything was still, I Was ready to turn it off until I Skipped to around the time I went to bed, It was nothing for ages, Until... She appeared, She Crawled out of the Cupboard into my room she stole food, She went upstairs, Presumably to the toilets, It was horrible, The didn't look human, She looked as if she was demented as If her body has been taken over, She crawled, No walking nothing and I Replayed the clips so many times, Hoping it was a sick scene from my imagination, It was not and that brings me to now, Time to face my fears and be A man, I am switching to my phone, I am going to record everything, I will speak through everything, As I am truly afraid..

I'm  here now, I'm using my voice thing And I cannot Express how truly Scared I am, My heart is beating Fast, And I am now walking towards to Cupboard, I  have My hand On the Handle and I am opening the door.

What's that... It says "Turn Around" as if written in... blood.

I... I Need help, I have to turn, this curiosity is getting the better of me quickly, If you find this, Then find whoever has been playing this sick joke on me, This could be it, I am now currently tur...

Credited to Appdicted

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