The Bloodiest Period

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Tracy was a generic 20 year old girl. One day when she was petting her vagina she heard it whisper to her. She could feel the lips moving as it talked. "Kill your parents Tracy, and your brother Danny and sister Riley too." So she of course, without question, said "I will. What is your name?" Her vagina said, "Sperm Bank".

That night, she went into her parent's room with a kitchen knife and took out the pistol which had lay under the hardwood for years. The tearing of the hardwood awoke her mother Steven, who screamed as her daughter lifted the gun and shot her in the head. This awoke her father Delilah, who gasped and moaned as Tracy stabbed him thirty-seven times in the chest. Tracy walked out of their bedroom and tore her younger brother's door off the hinges as her vagina took control of her arms and pulled it too hard. "I don't want to do this," Tracy said. Sperm Bank said "Of course you don't you stupid slut. That's why I'm going to take control of your body." With that Tracy walked into her too against her will.

"Tracy, what's going on?" her brother, Danny, said as he started to get out of his bed. Without answering, Tracy threw the kitchen knife with great precision and the knife entered Danny's throat. The force of the knife hitting Danny threw him into the wall, impaling his neck and stabbing the knife into the wall. He gasped and choked for a few seconds, then went limp and was silent.

Tracy walked out of his room and walked through the wall into her 19-year-old sister Riley's room. Riley was born with a functioning penis attached to her head though she was a girl, so as she slept Tracy crept over and shot the penis twelve times until the flesh was torn enough that it could be plucked off, which she shoved into Riley's mouth. She then tore the screaming sister's shirt off and shot both of her nipple off, then put the gun up to her eye and pulled the trigger. Even though it had been shot at point-blank range, she still screamed and cried, so Tracy shot the other eye and then up both her nostrils. It wasn't until she shot the toddler in both of her knees that she finally died. All through the violent act Tracy cried and begged Sperm Bank to stop.

Tracy then noticed her arm was changing. Her body was too, and so was her leg. She was becoming a giant vagina! "No, please stop!" Tracy begged, but it was too late. Her neck snapped and she suffocated as her body became Sperm Bank, the giant vagina. An evil cackle came from the genitalia as he leapt out of the house. He approached the first couple he saw, screaming at the sight of him, and sprayed them with a torrent of blood until they were both killed. He searched them and found a pocketknife in the man's pocket. He then approached a worker from McDonald's who had just gotten off his late shift and stabbed the knife into his neck. He found a police officer and stealth-stabbed him in the side of the head. He picked up the police officer's gun and shot 15 people before being gunned down by military officials.

From that day, that massacre was known as the Bloodiest Sunday, more commonly known as The Bloodiest Period.

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